The days of siloed compute and storage are rapidly coming to a close—replaced by Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) deployed in the cloud or on-premises. The move to HCI is driven by the need to simplify operations, reduce costs, and rapidly scale. With this shift, many are moving to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to consolidate and modernize their data centers, scale their enterprise applications, and simplify operations.

Modernization of applications is running in tandem with the move to HCI. To stay ahead of the competition, organizations are driving data modernization projects that monetize data, engage more customers, and create e-commerce apps—and do it all quickly. Success is measured by time to market, reduction of legacy systems, and lower infrastructure costs. That’s why organizations are moving away from monolithic applications in traditional data centers and to a new generation of cloud-native applications that support distributed and shared-nothing architectures (NoSQL, Big Data, etc.), microservices, and containers.

Modern applications are fueling the aggressive adoption of non-relational NoSQL databases (Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, etc.), which are chosen for their superior performance, scalability, and native fault tolerance. Not only are these next-gen databases fast and built for the highly available nature of these applications, they adapt to the developer mindset much better than traditional databases. While HCI systems and NoSQL databases are the definition of modern infrastructure, this infrastructure isn’t complete without a modern data management  solution. That’s why Nutanix and Rubrik have joined forces to support Rubrik Datos IO on the Nutanix platform.

Rubrik Datos IO delivers backup/recovery and data management purpose-built for NoSQL databases running on Nutanix. Here’s how Rubrik Datos IO solves the biggest data management challenges:

  • Creates application-consistent backups that enable quick recovery to any point in time.
  • Can migrate data from on-premises to cloud, or among clouds—even to dissimilar database topologies.
  • Reduces the multiple redundant copies of NoSQL databases down to one logical copy—reducing storage space dramatically.
  • Wraps all these capabilities in a consumer-grade and simple-to-use interface, supported by automated recovery operations and API integration with modern DevOps tools such as Ansible, DataDog, and others.

The combined capabilities of Nutanix and Rubrik give organizations the agility, flexibility, and savings of HCI with the NoSQL data protection required for modern enterprise-grade applications. Download the white paper to read more about how Rubrik delivers all the necessary components of a modern data management solution for NoSQL databases, including:

  • Fast NoSQL database backup and restore operations with application consistent backups.
  • Any-to-any database topology restore to easily support test/dev scenarios.
  • Semantic deduplication that reduces backup storage footprint by up to 70%.

Want to learn more? Read this case study to see how Digital River protects its NoSQL databases with Rubrik.