Containers are the new virtual machines. 

As release cycles continue to accelerate and application deployment crosses the traditional boundaries, container portability over any operating system gives organizations the agility to update and release new features and capabilities faster. 

So containers are here to stay, and Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration platform, has become the de facto standard for scheduling and managing containers. Kubernetes delivers a desired state approach to orchestrating application deployment, namely, it defines what a system should look like in terms of ​storage​, elasticity​, resources​, and security​. 

Now that containers have been transformed into operational reality, Kubernetes has become yet another environment that needs protection. 

Kubernetes presents a unique challenge when it comes to protection-- the environment is very fluid, containers' lifespan is short, yet the data needs to be stored longer. If dev teams do not get the expected results, they need to change back the previous state quickly.

Manual, job-centric backups are not a good fit for the dynamic Kubernetes environments. Traditional backup solutions do not support well, if at all, the distributed Kubernetes clusters that usually span data centers and clouds. Recovery needs to be not only fast, but also flexible -- often you have to restore to a new cluster, not to the original one. 

At Rubrik, we wanted to make sure that we can add incredible simplicity to the complexity of your Kubernetes environment. We are very excited to announce Data Management for Kubernetes. Now you can simply extend the powerful SLA management capabilities of Rubrik, the same familiar tool that protects your hybrid, multi-cloud workloads, to the busy Kubernetes environments and protect your applications and stateful data.

It is all done via Rubrik Polaris. A single SaaS platform will unify management and visibility and let you protect, organize, and manage Kubernetes, while having insights on SLA compliance and data availability.

Rubrik Kubernetes protection:

  • Allows you to streamline manual work by automating the protection of your Kubernetes Objects and Persistent Volumes with the Rubrik SLA policy engine
  • Indexes the metadata so you can search and granularly recover namespaces, individual persistent volumes, or specific files on the persistent volumes​
  • Makes it easy to replicate snapshots from one Rubrik cluster to another​ and archive to the Public Cloud.

We know security is at the top of your mind, and we brought the same security capabilities to Kubernetes protection as with all your other workloads. When you include data from Kubernetes under Rubrik protection, you do so on Rubrik’s immutable storage platform. Rubrik captures the point in time copies of your data and stores them immutably so they cannot be corrupted and cannot be modified. With Rubrik you always have a good point-in-time to recover from to ensure the availability of your applications. And your business. So, whether Kubernetes containers are or will be sprawling across your infrastructure, you can now protect them with ease.

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