Simple engineering is great engineering. But true simplicity is difficult.

As today’s enterprises adopt more and more cloud services, maintaining that simplicity becomes a taller ask. Whether you’re juggling multiple clouds, numbers of different point solutions, or trying to wrangle the sheer amount of critical data you users create, it starts to feel like simplicity and scalability are at odds – like you have to give up one for the other. But here at Rubrik, we demand our customers have both.

Ensuring ease of scale starts with application infrastructure, which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of our Rubrik-hosted model for Microsoft 365 protection. Let’s dive in.


In Rubrik’s original customer-hosted Microsoft 365 offering, all stored data and Rubrik Polaris resources ran in a customer-managed Azure environment. With the introduction of our new Rubrik-hosted architecture, that Azure environment is now entirely managed by Rubrik. This means resources like Azure blob storage, dynamic tools like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and both the financial and management burden they create are now fully incurred by Rubrik.

At first glance, this experience should feel familiar – core operations like automated policy-assignment and global visibility through our brand new dashboard are unaffected hallmarks of Rubrik’s protection. The impact of this architectural changes creates a lower-touch experience for organizations of all sizes as Rubrik takes necessary administrative operations off your hands.


Since our initial release, Rubrik Polaris has delivered invaluable benefits to customers seeking peace-of-mind over the security of Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, from applying SLA policies to thousands of users in just five minutes to 50% faster inbox restores. With the introduction of our new Rubrik-hosted architecture, we’re now able to preserve and build upon those seamless operations with:

  • Streamlined Onboarding: No need to set up or configure an Azure account. Just authenticate your Microsoft 365 subscription and go – Rubrik will automatically handle the rest.

  • Unlimited Storage: Are remote environments kicking your Microsoft 365 application usage into high-gear? Eliminate capacity management and leverage unlimited backup storage for your growing environment.

  • Predictable Costs: Meet your budget requirements and forecast reliably with a predictable, all-inclusive per-user license through Rubrik.

  • Logical Air Gap: Establish greater threat resilience with a physically and logically isolated backup repository. With military grade encryption in-flight and at-rest, sleep easy knowing that Rubrik has you covered.


Are you ready to experience the simplest way to protect your Microsoft 365 applications? Be sure to tune in to our FORWARD 2021 breakout session or a look under the hood with this technical white paper to learn more.