There is one constant in the world of IT, and that is the word “change.” Today, change often refers to the rise of cloud adoption. One of the biggest impacts of cloud is its role in thrusting traditional data centers into more modern OPEX-driven data centers optimized for as-a-Service (aaS) models. For many organizations, Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) has become a critical consumption model since it bridges the gap between protecting data on-premises and in the cloud. BaaS has proven especially valuable in the midst of arduous IT departments struggling to protect the goldmine of data buried in their storage troves. BaaS is a useful tool for organizations to procure backup and recovery services from their storage troves in a fast, flexible, and agile way while delivering cost savings.

Although not a new consumption model, Backup-as-a-Service has gained popularity as large enterprises and MSPs continue to search for new ways to enhance their backup infrastructure and portfolio of self-service offerings. Many service providers still struggle in their search for a flexible solution that allows tenants to manage SLA policies and self-service recovery in a secure, isolated network. Look no further as Rubrik Envoy, in addition to vCloud Director (vCD), simplifies and accelerates your private cloud operations by taking them to the next level.

Why would you need BaaS as a large enterprise? Let’s discuss two main reasons why BaaS is beneficial for your organization. The first, and often underestimated, benefit is that BaaS allows IT personnel to focus on initiatives more closely aligned to your business. BaaS offers a streamlined approach to gaining prompt access to your data regardless of its location and empowers business users to recover files without bothering the backup admins. The data protection team can spend less time monitoring backup environments and more time strategizing and building toward future projects.

The second benefit is that you no longer have to struggle with managing backup infrastructure. No more long weekends upgrading and adding new equipment or troubleshooting performance problems during a critical restore. With customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and the capability for your business users to self-recover their files, BaaS is well worth the cost and effort.

Enter Rubrik Envoy

Included in the Rubrik 4.2 Alta release, Envoy provides MSPs with a scalable solution for customers in co-hosted multi-tenant environments, protecting data in an app-consistent fashion while operating in a secure, isolated network. You can deploy Envoy in your master network and your tenants’ network for self-service access to all of the capabilities in the Rubrik UI.

How does Rubrik achieve multi-tenancy? Rubrik has a unique logical approach to multi-tenancy that enables you to support multiple customers in a single platform and allows tenants untethered access to their valuable data assets.


Many configuration hurdles exist in multi-tenant platforms where the separation of networks between providers and tenants add numerous islands of siloed complexity. Envoy removes these hurdles by acting as the trusted ambassador, providing secure communication between provider and tenant networks.

The best way to illustrate this is by providing a three-step example of how powerful Envoy can be in your BaaS environment:

  1. A tenant subscribes to a service providers’ BaaS, where the primary and tenant networks are isolated.
  2. Envoy is deployed as a virtual appliance into the tenants’ environment, thereby allowing Envoy to act as a proxy between the tenants and service providers networks.
  3. The same Rubrik UI is used, so no need to learn another interface to perform any of your backup and recovery operations.

Self-Service: The Rubrik Way

The importance of self-service lies in the ability to secure your environment for each user with customized access to search, backup, and recover data quickly. Rubrik allows granular control over user access at a platform level, regardless of location. The Rubrik Backup Service (RBS) will provide further trust and security within the tenants’ virtual machines as a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate is used at all times for encrypted exchange. Envoy gives tenants control to manage their own SLAs and perform their recoveries without relying on others. All of this is done while keeping each tenants view within their jurisdiction.

It should be clear now if your current solution for Backup-as-a-Service is getting the job done or not. With Envoy, you can sleep well knowing that your data is secure, easily accessible, and maintained in a scalable, robust platform.

For more information on Envoy, watch the video below.

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