Rubrik + vCloud Director

Build your own customized and scalable private cloud offerings with Rubrik and VMware vCloud Director. Reduce operational complexity and costs with a single, secure multi-tenancy platform. Automate the protection of virtual data centers (VDCs) based on consumer needs. Scale as-you-go. Unleash greater simplicity and flexibility.

 - Rubrik + vCloud Director

Build Your Own Private Cloud. Empower Tenant-based Self-service.

Rubrik’s pre-built REST API integration with vCloud Director simplifies multi-tenant management for cloud service providers, service delivery partners, and large enterprises. Create your own customized private cloud offerings tailored towards your environment needs. Assign policies aligned with consumer objectives to maintain a proper allocation of resources. Enable self-service management of various cloud services and workloads for easy cloud consumption.

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    Self-service Recovery

    Protect native vCloud components like Organizations and vApps. Restore an entire vApp or a subset of VMs in minutes on your own.

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    Infinite Scale

    Manage multiple tenants with a single easy-to-use platform. Combine with Rubrik’s software multi-tenancy for greater flexibility and a scale-as-you-go approach.

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    API-driven Automation

    Automate end-to-end workflows at scale. All built on an API-first architecture to allow easy integration with any service portal or orchestration tool.

Securely Protect Multiple Tenants. Customized to Your Business Needs.

Accelerate self-service delivery of data management services across a multi-cloud, multi-site environment. Combined with Rubrik’s cloud-based framework to multi-tenancy, easily share resources to virtualized tenants in a secure manner. Simple to manage and scale with greater flexibility.

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How Rubrik + vCloud Director Work Together

Leverage Rubrik’s custom pre-built integration with vCloud Director to operate virtual data centers (VDCs) for multiple consumers or tenants. Deliver critical data management functions with breakthrough simplicity, speed, and scale.

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