Automation is a part of Rubrik’s cultural DNA. Whether we are automating our testing framework or making our platform APIs as easy to consume as possible, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers increase automation. One of the ways that our customers are leveraging Rubrik APIs is via infrastructure-as-code workflows. That’s why I’m happy to announce the availability of the Rubrik Provider for Terraform!

Terraform is an open source orchestration tool that allows you to provision, manage, and codify your infrastructure. The configuration file that Terraform uses enables you to write infrastructure as code in either JSON or HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL). Simply define the desired infrastructure state, and then Terraform updates the target environment in a declarative manner to match the defined state. This model allows for easy repeat automation.

A Terraform Provider is responsible for understanding API interactions between and exposing the resources from a given infrastructure, platform, or SaaS offering to Terraform. Rubrik offers a provider for CDM, which can be used to manage several aspects of Rubrik, including the ability to create, update, or destroy:

  • AWS Native Accounts
  • AWS S3 CloudOut (using either RSA or KMS for encryption)
  • AWS CloudOn
  • Azure CloudOn
  • Azure CloudOut
  • Determine the Rubrik cluster version
  • Cluster Timezone settings
  • Bootstrap a net new Rubrik cluster

Let’s walk through an example to see this combo in action. Using the Rubrik Provider for Terraform, you can write a file that, as a part of an automated scenario, provisions a new S3 Bucket and KMS Master Key, and then uses those values to configure both CloudOn and CloudOut on the Rubrik cluster.



This is just one of many possible use cases, and we’re excited to see what our users come up with!

Terraform enables a single workflow for managing your Rubrik cluster, as well as other infrastructure, clouds, and SaaS offerings. Moving away from the manual repetitive use of point-and-click UIs to infrastructure as code enables a new agility for your development teams to bring applications to production without sacrificing the oversight of your operations team.

Check out this Getting Started video from our very own Developer Advocate, Drew Russell:

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To try the new Rubrik Provider for Terraform, visit the repository on GitHub. Don’t hesitate to contribute additional functions!