Since Rubrik opened its doors in 2014, we have built our product around an API-first architecture. This means that our API is a first-class citizen developed by our engineers, who subject it to the same meticulous testing and quality control as the rest of the core Rubrik platform. This principle continues to be a key part of the company ethos. We believe in empowering our customers and partners to integrate Rubrik into third-party tools and apply our simple policy-driven approach to their entire environment.

Today, I am proud to extend our API-first approach with the launch of Rubrik Build, an open source community where contributors can create new applications, automation tooling and integrations, as well as consume or improve existing projects that simplify monitoring, testing, development, and automated workflows. Our goal is to establish a community around consuming Rubrik’s world-class APIs to quickly get started with pre-built use cases, quick start guides, and integrations with popular tooling. The Build program was designed with our customers in mind, easing their transition to consuming APIs.

Many of us in the tech community do not come from a traditional software engineering background. This can make contributing to open source seem daunting. I am a big believer in “small wins” to break large goals into manageable chunks. The excitement around Build has been palpable – everyone wanted their fingerprints on the project, but did not always know how to get started. Over the last few months, I have watched teammates, from Rubrik’s first employee to our content marketing manager, learn and master using Git and GitHub to contribute ideas, edits, and updates to project documentation.

Not comfortable with publicly committing code? Don’t worry, there’s no barrier to entry — anyone can contribute ideas and update documentation. This Twitter exchange between our Chief Technologist, Chris Wahl, and one of our project contributors exemplifies how a small win, such as spotting a typo, can propel you into a new direction.


My personal goal for this program is exactly what the tweet above demonstrates: for everyone to experience the thrill of contributing to an open source project.

Available Projects

Visit the Rubrik Build homepage to see all of our open source projects. Each project is hosted entirely on GitHub, has been licensed for sharing, and contains various levels of documentation to get you up and running.

We’ve divided our open source projects into three major categories:

  • Software Development Kits (SDKs): Coding languages that allow the creation of applications via Rubrik APIs.
  • Tooling Integrations: Tools that seamlessly integrate with Rubrik to make your testing, development, or monitoring tasks easier and more efficient.
  • Use Cases: Automated workflows that can be leveraged in your environment to achieve a goal.

Consume and Contribute

Each project type is designed to be easily consumable, consisting of the SDK, integration, or use case itself, as well as detailed documentation, and a quick start guide to help you get started. All of this can be quickly accessed through the Rubrik Build website or GitHub. Additionally, Rubrik CDM API documentation is now available online, untethering project development from your Rubrik cluster.

To contribute to a project, visit its repo on GitHub. An easy way to get started is to browse a repo’s Issues tab and view bug reports and enhancement requests. Some issues will be labeled first-timer to highlight light tasks for beginners to give everyone a chance to contribute. To learn more, take a look at the Contributor Guide.

We have already seen many examples of our customers leveraging our APIs to solve complexity created from managing a myriad of software application across on-premises and public cloud. Because the API economy affects all of us equally, we have designed this program so our customers and partners can help us build the future of cloud data management.

To learn more about the offerings available with Rubrik Build, visit the site today!