Last year, we proudly announced support for VMware vCloud Director and today, I am excited to further advance our integration with the Rubrik Extension for vCloud Director. Rubrik’s support for vCloud Director delivers simple and flexible multi-tenant self-service management. Our new plugin gives tenants the power to self-serve the same functionality that providers already enjoy from the vCloud Director user interface.  

As of 9.1, the vCloud Director user interface (UI) plugin management allows for integration of custom, third-party modules directly into the context of the vCloud Director interface. This means that ecosystem partners, such as Rubrik, can integrate into vCloud Director by customizing the UI based upon HTML5 standards using Angular and Clarity.

Once the Rubrik Extension for vCloud Director is installed, the following actions can be made available to allow for tenant self-service:

  • On-demand Snapshots
  • Assign SLA Protection
  • Recover vApp
  • File Recovery
  • Export vApp
  • Credential Management

The following image demonstrates some of the Rubrik functionality available from the tenant:



By leveraging the plugin registration process that is built into vCloud Director, service providers can dictate whether the plugins should be available to the provider portal or to the tenant portal. Additionally, the service provider can provide granular control of tenant accessibility. This allows for a wide range of extensibility and integration to be made available to the tenant.

Extensibility is a key component in designing a modern infrastructure, regardless of whether on-premises or in the public cloud. Leveraging APIs, our customers have the ability to easily integrate their data protection investment into whatever they feel is important. This could be a current (or future) orchestration engine, configuration management tools, and monitoring and alerting system. This is the power of treating REST APIs as a first-class citizen across an intelligent and scalable software fabric.

I recently had the privilege of recording an introductory lightboard video with VMware’s own Daniel Paluszek explaining our vCloud Director integration. Take a look!

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Using the lifecycle management plugin simplifies the configuration steps required to publish which extensions are available to the tenants.


Your feedback on the Rubrik Extension for vCloud Director and all other projects is always welcomed. The 1.0.x release, available now, provides the opportunity for you to engage with the Rubrik Build team as a Design Partner. Want to request a feature enhancement? Just put in an enhancement request via GitHub and we will work with you to add additional functionality!