Have you ever asked yourself, “What happens if I am attacked by ransomware?”  Well, the over 4,500 Rubrik customers around the world have the ultimate peace of mind knowing their data is secure with our Zero Trust Data Security platform. In addition to Rubrik’s industry-leading and comprehensive data security solution, we also have a specialized Ransomware Response Team to provide world-class support and care when our customers are attacked. 

A specialized task force for ransomware recovery

Rubrik has been successfully recovering our customers' data from ransomware, cyberattacks, and malware since our early days. Data security is in our DNA, it’s literally built into the fabric of what we do and it’s been there since day #1! With ransomware attacks continuing to increase in volume, sophistication, and severity, Rubrik developed and chartered the Ransomware Response Team to better manage and facilitate customer incident response and data recoveries.

The Rubrik Ransomware Response Team (RRT) is a virtual team of highly experienced individuals built on our award-winning, world-class global support organization. RRT is ready and available 24x7x365 and composed of critical incident managers and senior support staff. In addition, Rubrik’s executive leadership is part of the virtual team and has clear visibility of every recovery RRT is involved with. 

How it works

All you need to do is call Rubrik Support and open a P1 support case stating you have experienced a ransomware or cyber attack. If you even suspect malicious or anomalous behavior, open a support case. There’s no harm in a false alarm! Don’t hesitate to contact us. Act immediately as minutes can matter. Support and RRT will then immediately engage the process and get to work to help you. 

RRT’s primary mission objective is to partner with and complement our customer’s teams, cybersecurity vendors, and any other technology vendors to restore your environment as quickly and efficiently as possible. RRT provides our customers with the highest levels of urgency, ownership, continuity, communications, and confidentiality regarding incident response and data recovery operations during the event lifecycle. The best part, all that’s required is a valid Rubrik support contract. There is no additional cost for RRT engagement. 

Prepare for ransomware attacks now before it’s too late

Preparation is one of the most important factors when it comes to successful ransomware recoveries. Ensuring you have a response plan in place, including all the proper stakeholders from the beginning. Rubrik’s interactive Save the Data workshops let you walk through real-world ransomware recovery scenarios, guided by data security experts so that when you are faced with a real attack, you are ready. See when we are coming to a location near you here.