Rubrik Storage Tiering for Microsoft Azure now leverages Azure Blob immutability by default. In our Winter Release, we introduced Storage Tiering for Microsoft Azure as a way for Rubrik customers to further protect workloads in Microsoft Azure by enabling the ability to logically air gap data between Azure Subscriptions as well as potentially decrease long term storage costs by almost 40%. Rubrik is now further expanding its cyber resilience benefits for Microsoft Azure workloads via this tiering functionality  with enhanced protection that is resistant to tampering by design.

Now, when a customer protects Azure VMs using an SLA that has archiving enabled, Rubrik prevents the archived data from being modified or deleted for as long as the backup is retained. With this, Rubrik customers can be assured that they will be able to recover their data in the event of ransomware attack or admin credential compromise without additional planning or configuration. Additionally, this feature can be used to help meet legal or compliance requirements that require WORM locked data such as SEC 17a-4(f).


Azure tiering immutability


Using native Azure APIs to enable version level immutability for Azure blob storage in combination with Rubrik simplicity, Rubrik SaaS-based SLAs now enable customers to provide the security & protection of immutable storage across multiple Microsoft Azure subscriptions via a single interface. Combined with the ability to index data for file level restores, choose redundancy levels and geographic location, Storage Tiering for Azure continues to enhance customers’ security posture and does so in a cost-effective manner.  

To learn more about all things security, data storage, and more in regards to Rubrik Microsoft Azure, check out our whitepaper Rubrik Zero Trust for Microsoft Environments.