What's New?

Summer 2022 Release

Kubernetes Protection

Protect your Kubernetes clusters with Rubrik Security Cloud

NetApp Array Integration with VMware

Enhance snapshot orchestration with NetApp storage arrays

Multi-tag Support for VMware

Combine multiple VMware tags for data protection

Automated Protection of Microsoft Exchange

Keep your mailboxes protected with business driven policies

Azure VM Immutability

Simplify recovery of Azure VM data from ransomware or credential compromise

Enhanced Security for Azure SQL

Export data to a secure environment and utilize the latest production data for test / dev

Cross Account Replication of AWS RDS

Replicate snapshots to an air-gapped AWS account

Automated Protection of IBM Db2

Deliver policy-driven protection to keep your databases protected

Winter 2021 Release

Improve Data Risk Assessment with Sensitive Data Discovery

New analyzers discover and classify 3x more data types.

Avoid Malware Infection During Recovery

Analyze backup snapshots and provide insights that help avoid malware reinfection during recovery.

Automated Protection of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

Deliver policy-based protection to keep your databases protected.

Expand data protection for Nutanix

Faster and more frequent backups for more data recovery points.

Fast backups for storage arrays

Backup VMs hosted on storage arrays without affecting performance.

Protect and Recover Splunk Instances

Ensure log data availability.

Introducing Rubrik Cloud Vault

Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security for isolated, cloud archival of your backup data.

Protect Microsoft 365 at Enterprise Scale

Introduce Rubrik protection to more Microsoft 365 data across your organization. Institute automatic, granular security policies.

Fully Managed SaaS Support for Microsoft Azure SQL

Secure one of the most popular database systems with expanded Rubrik coverage in Azure cloud.

Immutable Archival for AWS S3

Recover your cloud data in S3 in the event of ransomware.

Boost Cloud Security and Lower Cloud Costs

Utilize more economical security of your Azure VMs and AWS EC2.