Azure SQL houses your most critical and sensitive business data. Have you thought about what would happen if a cyber-attack were to take down and exfiltrate that data? 

Knowing that this type of scenario could introduce significant financial and brand impact to an organization, Rubrik is enhancing the cyber resiliency of your Azure SQL workloads and building upon the previously-announced simplified testing and development with data portability

In our continued commitment to cyber-proofing the cloud, we’re pleased to announce immutability for Azure SQL Databases and Azure SQL Managed Instance backups. 

How it Works

To enable immutability by default for persistent Azure SQL backups, you must first confirm that the Azure Blob Storage selected for storing backups has blob versioning and version-level immutability enabled, which are prerequisites for storing immutable blobs. That way, when it's time to perform a backup, Rubrik Security Cloud leverages native Azure APIs to automatically configure the backups as immutable according to the retention defined in the SLA policy.

The high-level process is as follows: 

Azure SQL | Rubrik
  1. Rubrik Security Cloud triggers a backup based on the defined SLA or on-demand and a request for Rubrik Exocompute resources in the same region as the Azure SQL resource.

  2. Once Exocompute is available, Rubrik Security Cloud launches a task to take the backup as well as launches an empty disk to store the backup.

  3. Database backup is taken in backup package (BACPAC) format and stored on local disk. Change Data Capture (CDC) changes are collected from the database.

  4. Database backup metadata is read and stored in the Rubrik Security Cloud database.

  5. Database backup data (BACPAC file + CDC changes) is ingested into Azure Blob Storage and made immutable according to the SLA.

Additional information can be found in the Rubrik Technical Whitepaper How it Works - Cloud Native Protection for Microsoft Azure SQL.

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