In the event of a cyber attack, how confident are you that your Azure SQL data is safe and recoverable? As a commitment to cyber-proofing the cloud, we’re pleased to introduce new security enhancements to our previously-announced Azure SQL protection. Now, businesses and government agencies can further minimize the risk of data loss in Azure SQL databases and Managed Instances. 


As more and more organizations migrate and plan to migrate Microsoft SQL Server to the cloud, this can introduce new organizational challenges with security and control. If admin credentials are compromised in Azure SQL, housing backup data in the same subscription can have potential risks. Stronger protection calls for the ability to be able to recover to a secure location in the event of cyber attack or failure. And accurate test/dev depends on keeping data not only secure but also as faithful as possible to your production environment. That’s why we’re also providing you with more control over everyday operations, where you can rely on persistent backups for quality exports and even cost-optimization by design.

What’s New

Secure, Logically Air Gapped Backups & Granular Protection

New Azure SQL databases are protected automatically as they’re created. Rubrik Security Cloud now adds the ability to protect Azure SQL backups by storing them in Azure Blob Storage. This enables you to keep logically air-gapped full copies of your Azure SQL databases, protecting against scenarios such as credential compromise of the source subscription or database failures such as accidental deletion.



On-Demand Snapshots & Extended Retentions

In addition to increasing the options for SLA frequencies, Rubrik Security Cloud now enables you to take on-demand snapshots of your Azure SQL databases / Managed Instances. Since backups can now be stored in Azure Blob Storage, you can configure SLAs that protect your Azure SQL Databases for significantly longer than the 35 days supported natively.  

Since backups are stored in the native SQL Server bacpac format, they can be used for full restores of individual databases regardless of the Azure subscription or if the server has been deleted. Furthermore, leveraging native SQL formats allows you to use it for quickly deploying test/dev or additional isolated database copies.

Cost Optimization

By using native Azure APIs and Blob Storage, Rubrik can take advantage of deduplication and compression to further help drive down your storage costs & security risks while at the same time adding functionality and value.



To learn more about being better equipped to recover your Microsoft data, join us for the upcoming Rubrik Data Security Summit. We’ll be bringing together the world’s leading experts and voices in cyber security to share insights on how to combat the world of cyber crime.