Cyber threats pose a significant risk to virtualized infrastructure. According to the latest Rubrik Zero Labs report, 83% of encrypted data across all industries is within a virtualized architecture. 

Virtualized architectures typically have less security coverage than traditional endpoints. This creates security dead spots and consequently allows attackers unfettered access. Adding to the danger, hackers are increasingly targeting backup data, leading to ransomware recovery costs that are eight times higher when backups are compromised. 

Given this challenging cyber landscape, relying on legacy backup and recovery solutions is no longer sufficient to protect your business and ensure its continuity. To achieve true cyber resilience, a fresh approach is needed—one that safeguards your virtual workloads and enables threat detection and rapid recovery from attacks.

How Rubrik Protects Nutanix Virtual Infrastructure

Rubrik already delivers data protection for Nutanix environments, including the Nutanix AHV hypervisor and the Nutanix Files Storage and Nutanix Objects Storage solutions. Rubrik also provides a range of security capabilities for Nutanix environments, such as:

  • Securing backups with Rubrik Secure Vault. Immutable backups prevent any modifications or deletions. A logical air gap ensures that attackers cannot tamper with backups. Additionally, security capabilities such as enforced multi-factor authentication and retention lock are built directly into the platform to ensure data remains readily available and protected against malicious and unintentional deletion.

  • Continuous monitoring for threats to AHV environments along with detecting data deletions, modifications, and encryptions for optimal ransomware investigation. Utilizing anomaly detection, Rubrik guides users in identifying VMs and applications infected by ransomware, and helps recover data from the most recent clean snapshot to ensure rapid restoration of business operations. 

  • Automatic detection of threat indicators in backups, enabling rapid response. Rubrik can also identify new threats through targeted IOC searches and historical data analysis. 

  • Identification and monitoring of sensitive data exposure maximizes data security posture. Organizations can also gain insights into sensitive data access permissions to reduce the risk of sensitive data exposure.

  • Ability to restore business operations quickly by recovering VMs, apps, files, or users at scale. With the mass recovery feature, organizations can recover multiple VMs or an entire group of VMs.

Rubrik for NC2 on AWS and Azure: Now Generally Available

Organizations are increasingly leveraging the cloud to run applications and extend their infrastructure. To meet this demand, Nutanix offers the Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) solution, a hybrid multi-cloud platform that lets you run applications on AWS and Azure. This enables organizations to benefit from the agility, scalability, and flexibility of the public cloud while retaining the power of their on-premises Nutanix infrastructure.

We are excited to announce that Rubrik and Nutanix have expanded their partnership to protect workloads running in NC2 on AWS and Azure. Organizations can now incorporate their NC2 workloads into Rubrik’s SaaS platform, Rubrik Security Cloud (RSC), and leverage RSC's data protection and security capabilities to manage and secure workloads running in NC2.


Rubrik has been a trusted partner in delivering top-notch security solutions for organizations managing virtual workloads on-premises. By expanding our partnership to protect workloads running on Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on AWS and Azure, we are reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional security and cyber resilience across hybrid multicloud.

- Saveen Pakala, VP of Product Management, Hybrid Cloud Platform, Nutanix.

We're seeing more organizations using the cloud to run their applications, but security in the cloud is different from security anywhere else. Our long-standing partnership with Nutanix delivers strong security outcomes for organizations running virtual workloads on-premises. By extending our partnership to include protection for workloads running in NC2 on AWS and Azure, our customers can feel even more confident knowing they're getting the highest level of cyber resilience in the industry.

- Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Rubrik

Rubrik is a valued Nutanix Ready partner and is compatible with various Nutanix services, including AHV, the Nutanix Flow Virtual Networking solution, and NC2 on Azure. With Rubrik's advanced security features and seamless integration with Nutanix environments, organizations can confidently embrace cloud-native workloads while maintaining the highest data protection and cyber resilience standards. 

Are you interested in learning more? Get hands-on experience with Rubrik for Nutanix by viewing our interactive demo.