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The insurance industry is seeing a major shift in consumers’ desire to secure experiences like an Airbnb stay or an Uber ride rather than traditional assets such as homes and cars. In order to meet the consumers’ growing demands, Allstate is constantly acquiring new businesses – like the acquisition of nearly Fortune-500-size company National General Holdings which closed in January 2021, to deliver products to market faster than ever before. 

Rubrik CEO & Co-Founder Bipul Sinha is joined by Allstate CTO Chris Gates to discuss how data is critical in making intelligent business decisions and accelerating time to market. With Rubrik helping to integrate newly acquired businesses into the Allstate fold, they are able to centralize and consolidate data in one place to make intelligent business decisions quickly – to ensure you’re in good hands. 

One of the things that keep me up at night is making sure we can stay compliant and be able to demonstrate good health and hygiene for our customers. It’s important – you have to earn that right. Once you earn it, you don’t want to lose it. It’s critical to have cutting-edge platforms like Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security in place that help us do that.

Chris Gates
CTO, Allstate

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