IT service provision


Technology overhaul


Risk of GDPR non-compliance


Delt is a private, public sector owned organisation that provides a range of business support services underpinned by leading technologies. Combining private sector agility and public sector ethics, Delt takes services that were traditionally run-in house by the public sector and delivers them in a way that is better, faster, cheaper, delivering significant financial benefits, greater resilience, faster innovations and nearly £12.5m of socio-economic gain (per annum) to the Southwest of England.

XMA is a solutions provider that proactively helps private and public sector companies evolve their everyday. Through strategic conversations, value-add consultancy, and outcome-based solutions, XMA creates a positive and lasting impact on everyone’s individual world.

As part of an organisation-wide digital transformation project, in 2021, Delt found itself in need of a new backup and recovery solution as its previous one approached end of life. The backup replacement project needed to be of a complete technology overhaul rather than a like for like replacement, bringing greater capacity, agility, resilience, and a new feature: immutability.

Though Delt had not yet been impacted by ransomware, it knew that immutable backups were its best chance at mitigating such an attack, and that only by storing data in a way that cannot be changed in any way can it truly be protected.

Delt turned to XMA to deliver this, who were quick to recommend Rubrik for its cloud-native backup and recovery solution.

We were thoroughly impressed with Rubrik’s integration capabilities and were reassured that we were future-proofing our processes through API capabilities and automation in a way that we hadn’t been prior to the deployment.

Paul Jones
Chief Information Officer


  1. Data backups were stored on-premises and not immutable

  2. Labor-intensive backup process prone to increased risk of errors and security breaches 


  1. Sensitive Data Discovery reporting capabilities

  2. Built in ransomware recovery assurance

  3. Automatic critical backup operations free up valuable IT team resources whilst eliminating the potential for errors, security breaches and downtime associated with manual operations

  4. Automatic Cloud Native backups to encrypt data and produce immutable records that assist GDPR compliance

Business transformation

  1. Future-proofed IT service provision and eliminated risk of GDPR non-compliance 

  2. Complete technology overhaul—bringing greater capacity, agility, resilience, and protection against ransomware

  3. Seamless integration with ServiceNow, VMware and Nutanix


Essantial data protection

Paul Jones, Delt’s Chief Information Officer, took little convincing of Rubrik and the role it could play in revitalising Delt’s approach to backup. “Whenever we’re looking to implement new technology, we always look at the current marketleading services, as well as recommendations from trusted bodies like Gartner,” commented Jones. “Gartner had recently named Rubrik a leader in its 2021 Magic Quadrant, so we wanted to see what they could offer.”

Jones and his team had previously stored Delt’s backups on-premise but were keen to reevaluate and modernise their approach to this in light of the growing threat of ransomware. Ensuring the security of Delt’s backups was Jones’ chief consideration when it came to selecting a backup solution as he and his team not only protected Delt’s data but the data of its thousands-strong customer and partner base.

As such, Delt needed not only a backup solution that was able to protect against future threats and integrate with its existing infrastructure, it also needed a partner who could deliver this and ensure the ongoing security of its customer and partner data. After a short but competitive tender and product evaluation process, it became clear to Jones that Rubrik’s offering lined up with Delt’s strategic goals.

“The key for us was the strength of the relationship and the quality of the product,” said Jones. “It was very clear that Rubrik fit with our goals and, alongside our already trusted relationship with XMA, they were the perfect choice for what we were looking for."

We are the trusted caretakers of a lot of data, and if anything were to happen to it, we would face incredible reputational damage, that simply wasn’t an option.

Paul Jones
Chief Information Officer


The Results

Delt's collaboration with Rubrik yielded unanimously favorable impacts. Benefits include:

Affordable & trustworthy

“Deployment was swift and delivered on time and on budget. Beyond that, I’ve not heard a negative word said about Rubrik or XMA’s efforts in the implementation process. We’ve all been hugely impressed with the rollout."

Future-proofed services

“We were thoroughly impressed with Rubrik’s integration capabilities and were reassured that we were future-proofing our processes through API capabilities and automation in a way that we hadn’t been prior to the deployment,”

Complete technology revamp

“Using Sensitive Data Discovery to see which sensitive data has been exposed in the blast radius of an attack is hugely beneficial and would allow us to swiftly inform our data protection officer on the gravity of a future attack and the steps that need to be taken to alert the proper authorities."

Seamless integration

"My team was freed up from draining manual tasks and were able to refocus on mission-critical work instead. That made a huge difference.”