Days of productivity back to the business


Servers restoration with in an hour via Live Mount


TCO savings


Founded in 1912, OneMain Financial (OMF) is the largest personal installment loan company in America. The company has over 1,500 branches across 44 states and serves over 2 million customers. Stephen Risinger, Manager of Open Systems Operations, and Ron Quick, Lead Open Systems Administrator, are key members of the Open Systems Operations team that spearheaded the transition to the cloud. “It is critical that our services are available to our employees and consumers at all times, which is why we partner with scalable, best-of-breed technologies like Rubrik and Microsoft,” said Risinger.

With Rubrik, we received 260+ days of productivity back to the business, saw significant TCO savings, and experienced ongoing ability to restore servers quickly and efficiently. This has allowed us to provide an immutable, reliable backup solution for our customers.

Ron Quick
Lead Open Systems Administrator


  1. Complex, time consuming data management

  2. Need to stay ahead of the curve and adopt cloud            

  3. Inability to leverage cloud and maximize CapEx/OpEx


  1.  Native integration with Microsoft Azure

Business transformation

  1. Consolidated DR and business continuity strategies under one umbrella in the cloud

  2. Gained visibility to entire environment through a single pane of glass

  3. 100 days of productivity back to the business


“Cloud adoption is increasing in prevalence across all industries, especially in the financial industry for DR purposes. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we decided to move our data to Azure,” said Stephen Risinger, Manager of Open Systems Operations.

As a natural evolution to their backup and recovery journey, OMF explored avenues where they could archive their data to the cloud to consolidate their clusters and keep their data agile. “Our initial Rubrik implementation had shown us that we had a few holes in our data management strategies that needed buttoning up.”

A core reason why we chose Rubrik is the added benefit of being a vendor-agnostic platform, preventing lock-in to any particular cloud. With Rubrik, we can future-proof our data protection strategy across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with the ability to archive, recover, and manage native workloads at enterprise scale.

Stephen Risinger
Manager of Open Systems Operations


The Results

OMF's collaboration with Rubrik yielded unanimously favorable impacts. Benefits include:

260 days per year of productivity back to the business

“One full time employee's job is no longer dedicated to managing complex backups."

Significant TCO savings

“We were able to reduce operational expenditures. The current trend right now is to drive the right solution for the customer and minimize cost, and it is moving us and many other organizations to either a hybrid or cloud infrastructure. By leveraging CloudOn, we have another lever we can pull and knobs to turn that will provide our customers (both internal and external) the best solution possible.”

Rubrik provides a path to the cloud

“We were able to prove to our leadership team that Rubrik successfully provides a path to the cloud. We are able to use that path for off-site storage, long-term retention, and an ability to migrate on-premises servers and applications to the public cloud demonstrating our flexibility as an IT group.”

DR and BC on one framework in the cloud

“This is the best part. Everything we have can be viewed and administered in one platform for both cloud and on-premises systems.”

Seamless integration with Microsoft Azure

“We configured, tested, and validated successful implementation of CloudOut and CloudOn with Microsoft Azure. As we move forward and our business needs to evolve, we have additional tools ready in our data protection toolkit.”

Data availability with CloudOn

“We successfully leveraged CloudOn to instantiate 28 VM servers with an average of 2 hours to implement. We can now either archive or spin up servers in Azure, at will.”

Best-in-class support

“When needing assistance, either Support or an SE was always available. More importantly, they genuinely wanted to help rather than having to fulfill a contract, which is hard to come by.”