Intelligent Metadata Management

A SaaS Platform to organize all your business information, and make it discoverable and usable. No matter where it is.

Unify with One Organizing Principle

Connect all your apps and data across data center and cloud. Eliminate data silos, search, orchestrate, and secure everywhere.

Accelerate Time to Value

Zero infrastructure required. No patch nightmares or painful upgrades. Leverage the latest features immediately as-a-service.

Ensure Business Continuity

Unlock ML-driven insights with purpose-built SaaS applications for data governance, assurance, security, and mobility.

Improve Decision Making

Bring context to your data. Harness all your data to uncover relationships and extend its value for IT and business outcomes.


Agentless. API-Driven. Built for the Cloud

Rubrik Polaris is designed to intelligently gather descriptive knowledge about your data into a universal datagraph and unleash its full potential, no matter where it lives.

Delivered as a software service to address all your data management needs, Rubrik Polaris includes:

  1. Search, security, and workflow orchestration on a global content catalog.
  2. Detection, impact assessment, and remediation of ransomware.
  3. Context around your data to support regulatory compliance and data privacy regulations.


Embrace Data Across Your Silos

Combine metadata from diverse and dispersed data sets across your enterprise into a single system of record.

Bring Compute to Your Data

Execute functional operations on your data, wherever your data lives, for data protection and governance.

Apply Policies With Ease

Orchestrate sophisticated SLA policies across all your Rubrik clusters with an easy-to-use web interface.

Enable Al-Powered Analytics

Employ machine learning to detect anomalies, automate repetitive tasks, and extract meaningful insights.