Replication & Disaster Recovery

Rubrik delivers a single software solution for data protection, replication, disaster recovery, and application migration across your hybrid IT environment.

Achieve Business Continuity

Rubrik provides asynchronous, deduplicated replication to orchestrate data across data centers and multi-cloud.

Manage with Ease

Define backup and replication policies by VM, application, and file set with a single SLA policy based engine.

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Recover Instantly

Recover instantly from any VM, SQL, or Oracle replica without provisioning additional storage.

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Lower TCO

Save on upfront costs, time, and resources of secondary DR sites by migrating apps to the cloud.

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The Buyer's Guide to Backup & Recovery

A comprehensive, vendor-neutral backup & recovery buyer's guide to help you think through the strengths and weaknesses of backup & recovery solutions available today.

Policy Automation

Assign replication policies to VMs, applications, and file sets with just a swipe. Sit back and relax while policies are executed automatically. Ensure greater availability by automating disaster recovery workflows that integrate with third party services by using a RESTful API framework.

Hybrid & Multi-cloud Replication

Tailor to your needs: replicate your on-prem apps and data to the cloud. Or deliver cloud-to-cloud replication within a multi-cloud environment. Bi-directional replication is also available from cloud to an on-premises Rubrik cluster. 

Automated DR Orchestration

Automate recovery from failures to reduce human error and achieve RTOs of minutes. Polaris AppFlows provides radically simple DR orchestration with failover/failback, testing, and cloud migration.

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