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The Risk

Government Agency Data Is a Prime Target for Cybercriminals

In 2021, 58 percent of state and local government agencies fell victim to ransomware. Only 1 in 5 agencies were able to successfully stop the attack before their data was encrypted. And 1 in 3 organizations paid the ransom.

Each year, ransomware and other cyber threats grow. Because government agency data is a lucrative target for hackers, finding the right security solutions should be priority one.

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SLCGP Funding

Federal Funding Is Available to Boost Agency Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced $1 billion in cybersecurity funding for eligible state and local government agencies, to be managed by CISA and FEMA. The grants are to be used to increase the security and resiliency of state and local government agency information systems, applications, and user accounts—plus improve and accelerate agency response to attacks. 

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Grant Eligibility Requirements

SLCGP Funding Comes with Contingencies

To qualify for an SLCGP grant, each state must establish a Cybersecurity Planning Committee that develops a Cybersecurity Plan.

This plan must include defined best practices, such as:

  1. Implementing multi-factor authentication

  2. Implementing enhanced logging

  3. Encrypting data at rest and in transit

  4. Ending use of unsupported/end-of-life software and hardware that are accessible from the Internet

  5. Prohibiting use of known/fixed/default passwords and credentials

  6. Ensuring the ability to reconstitute systems (ie. backups)

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Why Rubrik

Rubrik Offers Data Protection—and Peace of Mind

Rubrik protects government agency data with a zero trust, natively immutable filesystem, which prevents backups from being changed, deleted, or encrypted. So after an attack, you can trust the existence, integrity, and accessibility of your data.

Peace of Mind

Quickly recover and return to operations in the event of a ransomware attack.

Business Continuity

Keep critical government services up and running.

Ransom Protection

Make no ransom payments, ever.

Reduced RTO

Speed up recovery time of critical data.

How Rubrik Can Help

With Rubrik, Agencies Can:

  1. Control access to data with multi-factor authentication, temporary one-time password, and role-based access control

  2. Air-gap backups in an undiscoverable file system with no open protocols to the internet  

  3. Gain protection that doesn’t rely on open protocols (NFS, SMB) for repositories

  4. Prevents expiration of backups with retention lock that requires at least two admins to delete or expire backups  

  5. Build a logical blueprint to automate the steps, order, and dependencies to recover single files or entire applications

  6. Automate frequent testing at scale during “peacetime”, and to quickly recover critical applications during “wartime”

  7. Know where sensitive data lies in the organization so they can understand the potential liability of a cyber event 

  8. Identify when encryption events occur and detect indicators of compromise to prevent the likelihood of reinfection 

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Certified for the Government

Rubrik has built the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of government certifications and accreditations across the hybrid cloud, including Common Criteria EAL2+, Department of Defense Information Network APL, FIPS 140-2 Level-2 validated self-encrypting drives as its HDD and SSDs, and support for all major AWS and Microsoft Azure government infrastructure clouds.


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