Gain Visibility and Control

Rubrik Polaris organizes all your business information across data centers, co-los, clouds, and hybrid architectures in a global console called Rubrik Polaris GPS.

Eliminate Data Silos

Combine metadata across your enterprise into one repository.

Find Data Anywhere

Quickly locate VMs, apps, and files - even data in the cloud.

Make Better Decisions

Uncover relationships and bring context to your data.

The Definitive Guide to Rubrik Cloud Data Management

Learn how customers leverage Rubrik for disaster recovery, self-service management, ransomware defense, and more.

Unified System of Record


Rubrik Polaris indexes relevant metadata like file name, type, and content to build a single metadata repository. This enables global file-level search across applications, data centers, and clouds.

Turn Data into Insights with Pre-Built SaaS Applications

Leverage the Rubrik Polaris platform with these purpose-built apps for data classification, ransomware recovery, cloud-native protection, and more.

Centralize Data Management

Gain global visibility across your distributed Rubrik deployment in a single easy-to-use interface with Rubrik Polaris GPS.

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Protect Cloud Workloads

Ensure cloud data recovery with native protection of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud workloads, and Office 365 environments with Rubrik Cloud Solutions.

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Detect & Recover from Ransomware

Increase resiliency against ransomware attacks by making it faster and easier to recover from attacks with Rubrik Polaris Radar.

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Reduce Sensitive Data Exposure

Automatically classify sensitive data and achieve compliance to GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and more with Rubrik Polaris Sonar.

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AI Meets Cloud Data Management

Rubrik Polaris is the industry’s first AI-powered data management application. Structure your unstructured data. Deep metadata management. AI-driven visibility. From on-premises to cloud.

Rubrik Product Compliance

At Rubrik, we continue to invest in ensuring that our Cloud Data Management and Rubrik Polaris Platforms are in compliance with and support key global compliance standards and frameworks to build a strong foundation for cloud data management and simplify how you manage and protect data in the cloud. This ensures that the use of our Platforms will not negatively impact our customers’ security compliance.