Ransomware monitoring and investigation

Recover from ransomware in hours

Determine the scope of ransomware attacks, using high fidelity machine learning to detect deletion, modifications, and encryptions.


Assess impact from cyber attacks

Speed is critical when ransomware strikes. Rubrik Ransomware Investigation helps you assess the blast radius and identify malicious activity – enabling incident responders to accelerate your recovery time.


Identify Anomalies

Analyze backup data for unusual behavior and changes.

Assess Blast Radius

Get a clear picture of which files and applications were affected.

Accelerate Recovery Time

Surgically recover affected systems using our impact analysis.


Get alerts for suspicious activity

Rubrik monitors for encryption and analyzes unusual access patterns. We alert you of potentially malicious activity in your backup data.

Strain Identification

Detect ransomware infection type

Minimize infection impact by identifying which strain was used in an attack.

Impact Assessment

Assess the impact of an attack

Quickly identify and locate which applications and files were impacted by ransomware.

Resource Guide

Ransomware Recovery for Dummies

Learn how to build a recovery plan that makes sense and keeps your organization safe.


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