User Intelligence

Proactively Reduce the Risk of Data Theft

Identify critical data exposure to reduce unqualified access.

User Intelligence

Proactively identify data exposure risks

Lack of insights into data access permissions can increase the risk of sensitive data exposure. With User Intelligence, proactively identify unqualified data access risks before they result in breaches.

Reduce Risk

Gain visibility into user activity to reduce data exfiltration risk.

Reduce Potential Impact of Breaches

Pinpoint over privileged access to limit what attackers can access.

Constant Data Vigilance

Automatically monitor for changes to access permissions to sensitive data.

Operational Efficiency

Agentless scanning means no additional overhead or impact to production systems.

Analyst Report

Rubrik: Four times a Leader and four times furthest in vision

For the 4th consecutive time, Rubrik has been named a Leader and the furthest in vision in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions.

2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant
Minimize Data Attack Surface

Reduce Sensitive Data Exposure

Identify overexposed or stale data so you can remove what you don’t need.

Reduce Sensitive Data Exposure
Secure Access

Reveal Unqualified Access

Identify your most risky users based on sensitive data access so you can proactively implement least-privileged access.

Reveal Unqualified Access
User Insights

Monitor Data Risk

Gain visibility into unqualified access and sensitive data activity over time.

Monitor Data Risk
Analyst Report

Data threats are real. Can you stay vigilant?

Get recommendations from Gartner® for accurately relaying data risk to the right stakeholders.

gartner report

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Rubrik User Access

Watch Rubrik technology identify sensitive data, flag high-risk activity, and help solve user access challenges that could threaten your enterprise.