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Security Master Class Series: Episode 2 - How to Detect and Analyze Cyber Threats

With ransomware attacks proliferating across the globe, leaders everywhere are no longer asking themselves “if” their organization will be hit–they’re asking “when.” And if they’re smart, they’re also asking themselves how they’ll plan to recover with minimal downtime.

One of the keys to accelerating ransomware recovery is determining what to recover, but most organizations lack visibility into both the impact of the threats they are confronting and the blast radius of the attacks they are responding to. That’s where Rubrik comes in.

Join our second webinar in the Security Master Class Series, “How to Detect and Analyze Cyber Threats."

HOST: David Davis, Partner & vExpert, ActualTech Media
SPECIAL GUEST: Jeff Inouye, Technical Marketing Architect, Rubrik

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn to quickly assess and diagnose threat impact with Rubrik’s ransomware recovery solution

  2. See how Rubrik’s centralized control plane delivers enhanced visibility and intelligence by analyzing backup metadata and detecting anomalous behavior

  3. Understand how a defense-in-depth approach can help you quickly respond to threats and minimize data loss

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