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Protecting Applications Running On Kubernetes

Should you protect applications and data running on Kubernetes? A common misconception is that you don’t have to because Kubernetes applications are stateless. The reality is that more and more stateful applications are running in Kubernetes environment and having a comprehensive data protection strategy is must.

Moreover, you should be able to recover not only your application’s data, but also your applications’ configurations, as well as be able to quickly spin up a copy of your Kubernetes app on a different, net new cluster.

Joins us on this Webinar for More In-Depth Look on How Rubrik:

  1. Automates the protection of your Kubernetes Objects and Persistent Volumes

  2. Allows for granular recovery of namespaces, individual persistent volumes, or specific files on the persistent volumes 

  3. Replicates snapshots from one Rubrik cluster to another

David Davis
Partner & vExpert,ActualTech Media

Kristina Avrionova
Principal Product Marketing Manager, Rubrik

Rajni Sharma
Principal Product Manager, Rubrik

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