A Better Way to Secure Your Multi Cloud Data

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The threat landscape is rapidly expanding, and the cloud has become the preferred target. Last year alone, there was a staggering 70% increase in malicious events across all public clouds. And cybercriminals are targeting the most critical asset of any organization: its data.

As a result, organizations are asking:

  1. How do I get a baseline backup across all my cloud and on-prem data?

  2. How do I become more cyber resilient and prove I can recover from a cyberattack?

  3. How can we maintain compliance across multiple accounts and geos?

  4. How do I control my cloud storage costs given my growing data footprint?

  5. How can I detect ransomware threats in my backup data? 

  6. How can I index and search my data?

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This demo will show you how Rubrik:


Gives you control and visibility of your data across AWS, Azure, GCP, and hybrid cloud.

Easily secures data in a multicloud enviornment and ensures rapid recovery from cyberattacks.

Drives efficiency across your cloud costs and operating expenses

Improves your cloud native data protection beyond AWS Backup or Azure Backup

Gives you more granular control to to index and search across your multi cloud data

Helps you rapidly identify potential ransomware threats in your backup data and avoid recovering bad data into your production environment