Data Intelligence at Scale

Generate rich custom dashboards in minutes. Unlock actionable insights on infrastructure health and behavior across your multi-cloud environment.

Real-time Analysis

Drill-down in real-time across any dimension, such as application, time, or location.

Single Pane of Glass

Access insights anywhere, anytime with just a web browser. Everything you need is in one place.

Customized Reporting

Use the provided reporting templates, or create, customize, and share your own dashboards.

The Definitive Guide to Rubrik CDM

Learn how customers leverage Rubrik for disaster recovery, self-service management, ransomware defense, and more.

Workload Behavior Analysis


Track capacity utilization, data growth, and usage by application, location, or use case with runway projections over a defined time period.

Compliance Visibility


Determine SLA compliant applications at-a-glance across all Rubrik sites. Easily search and filter to quickly produce records demonstrating SLA compliance.

Performance Optimization


Plan for capacity and enhance performance to reduce cost. Track compliance based on SLAs and organizational goals.

Trusted by the World's Leading Companies

As we continue to expand our Rubrik footprint across all our hospitals, Rubrik Polaris GPS provides one simple and intuitive interface delivered through SaaS to monitor and analyze all our physical, virtual, and cloud applications.

Lev Goronshteyn
CTO, CarePoint Health