Cloud Backup and Data Recovery

Automatically discover, protect, organize, and manage all your data and apps across clouds through a single interface. Consolidate your cloud and on‑prem reporting for a standardized approach to digital compliance and control.

Holistic cloud‑native protection

Purpose‑built data protection solutions don’t work for hybrid and multi-cloud. Rubrik automates backup and recovery and centralizes management and reporting across your environments.

Unified Management

Simplify multi-cloud data protection across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Microsoft 365 and hybrid‑cloud workloads.

Resiliency at the Point of Data

Simplify and automate backup across hundreds of cloud accounts with a powerful SLA policy engine. Gain peace of mind with immutability.

Control & Visibility

Facilitate compliance and governance with centralized reporting. Optimize storage costs in the cloud with storage tiering.

Protecting Hybrid and Multi‑cloud Data

Learn how to integrate cloud platforms with on-premises infrastructure to provide a single control pane to manage, back up, and restore data across your whole environment.

Automated Setup


Requiring only the minimum set of permissions needed, Rubrik will auto‑discover your cloud environments in configured accounts, allowing users to specify which accounts and regions to manage.

Scalable Protection


Implement backup policies and centrally manage the lifecycle of all your data across all your cloud accounts, subscriptions, projects, and regions, wherever it is. Automatically protect new instances with tag‑based protection.

Predictive Search


Locate a single file with predictive search and perform granular restores to accelerate operational recovery. Ensure recoverability from regional failures with cross‑region replication. Recover with just a few clicks and achieve near‑zero RTOs.

Protect All of Your Cloud Data

Rubrik provides a secure and scalable software platform to backup your data with confidence and eliminates data loss with point‑in‑time recovery and granular, in‑place restores across multiple cloud environments.

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