A Fresh Approach to Data Archival

Rubrik unlocks scalable and cost-effective data archival across hybrid cloud environments. Automate long-term data retention by just moving a slider in the policy engine.

A Fresh Approach to Data Archival

Preserve Easily, Access Quickly

Easily manage long-term retention across the Rubrik appliance, on-prem object storage, or public cloud. Quickly access your data with predictive search. Rubrik globally indexes all data, no matter where it resides. Save time and costs with automated policies versus offloading data to tape.

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Easy to Setup

Set your archival policy. We handle the rest.

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Access Quickly

Provide fast, granular recoveries with predictive, global search.

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Lower Your TCO

Unlock low-cost private or public cloud resources.

Rubrik Go: Subscribe to Simplicity

Rubrik Go: Subscribe to Simplicity

With Rubrik Go, access the latest software features, keep technology refreshes on autopilot, and future proof for the cloud.

Bring Your Own Cloud

Bring Your Own Cloud

Rubrik - Data Archival - Sliders Single Policy Engine

Just move the slider in the policy engine to select when data archival begins on-site, off-site, or in the cloud.

Rubrik - Data Archival - Lock World-Class Security

Data sent to the private or public cloud uses military-standard encryption in-flight and at-rest.

Instant Access for Granular Recovery

Locate VMs, applications, and files instantly with global real-time search that spans private and public clouds. Rubrik indexes all your metadata for quick access without data rehydration. That means you can instantly locate and download a 5MB file from a 100GB VM file stored in the cloud.

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Deduplication to Amplify Storage Savings

Reduce transfer and storage costs by sending only deduplicated data for archival on-site, off-site, or in the cloud. Leverage cloud economics by only saving and restoring what you need.

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Native Backup and Recovery for AWS

Protect your AWS cloud with consumer-grade simplicity. Eliminate time-consuming manual scripting that doesn’t scale with policy automation. Customize snapshot retention and scheduling based on your business needs. Quickly search and recover EBS snapshots or even a single file with just a few clicks.

 - Native Backup and Recovery for AWS

Application Instantiation in the Cloud

Send your application data to the cloud for long-term retention. Retain instant access to archived data with Rubrik’s real-time predictive search. Rubrik also seamlessly converts your VMs into cloud instances that can be powered on for DR or test/dev.

Application Instantiation in the Cloud

Trusted By the World’s Leading Companies

"We have eliminated the complex backup environment at multiple sites by deploying the Rubrik Edge, resulting in a footprint reduction of as much as 25% of the server infrastructure per site."

"With Rubrik, we have eliminated tape. We are seeing a 75% reduction in TCO with Rubrik."

"The ability to instantly locate specific data sets by searching an index that catalogues data on-site and off-site eliminates the pain and time spent on taping out."

"Rubrik’s support of Amazon S3 helps us ease into cloud services at a cost curve that we’re comfortable with."

"Using Rubrik allows us to increase our TCO savings over time as we scale our infrastructure and customer base."

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