Sad fact: cyberattacks continue to grow in volume and sophistication. Plus, ransomware doesn't hit like a bomb–it’s often more like a Trojan Horse, where many organizations don't realize they are under attack until it's too late. Despite investments in infrastructure security tools deployed at the endpoint, perimeter, and network, bad actors are still getting through to hold data for ransom. This can leave underprepared organizations paralyzed because when your data is down, your business is down.

The threat has evolved, and cybersecurity must evolve too. The next frontier in cybersecurity calls for both infrastructure security investments AND data security. 

Giving you security from the point of data.

Defend your data with Rubrik Security Cloud 

That’s why we’ve launched the Rubrik Security Cloud, to give our customers a single place to secure their data wherever it lives – across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS applications. Rubrik Security Cloud delivers three unique capabilities to keep data safe and make it easy to recover from cyberattacks like ransomware:

  • Data Resiliency: Safeguards data by providing immutable, logically air-gapped data protection with multi-factor authentication-based access control.

  • Data Observability: Continuously monitors risks and investigates threats to data, including Ransomware Monitoring & Investigation, Sensitive Data Discovery, and Threat Monitoring & Hunting.

  • Data Recovery: Quickly contains threats and recovers data, whether it’s a file, application data or a mass recovery for the entire organization.



Digging Deeper: What Rubrik Security Cloud is Made Of

The Rubrik Data Security Command Center, also introduced today as part of the Rubrik Security Cloud, continuously assesses whether data is safe and capable of recovery after an attack. It provides visibility into at-risk data and recommendations to make data more secure.

Data observability is needed to monitor data risks and remediate threats efficiently. The Rubrik Data Observability engine continuously monitors and remediates data risks with pre-built scanners for blast radius identification, sensitive data discovery, and threat hunting. The Rubrik Data Observability engine turns a passive backup system into an active defense system by providing machine learning to identify when, where, and how cyber threats have impacted data to enable rapid recovery. 



We also announced a series of new data security innovations including…

  • Ransomware Strain Identification to quickly identify specific malware strains

  • Rubrik Sensitive Data Discovery for Microsoft 365 to discover and classify sensitive data within M365 to better assess risk and help maintain compliance with regulations

  • Rubrik Threat Containment to contain malware and restrict user access to infected data to support safer and faster recovery.

We’re excited about Rubrik Security Cloud, which is available immediately, with enhancements planned in the coming months ahead. It advances Rubrik’s unparalleled commitment to keeping business data safe, allowing early identification and investigation of threats, and enabling full recovery of workloads​ so normal business operations are restored when you need it. Because when your data is secure, your business becomes unstoppable.

To learn more about these exciting advancements in Zero Trust Data Security and more information about these features, tune into the keynotes and breakout session at FORWARD, Rubrik’s annual user conference, at