From technology to healthcare to governments, ransomware is disrupting business like never before. Security teams are reevaluating their overall security posture and taking additional measures to secure their data. During this process, they are discovering that they don’t know if their organization’s data is fully secure and whether it will be available when they need it. Legacy security solutions are quite expensive and process slowly, which does not allow them to react at the same speed as modern-day attacks, and pulling the right information from a multitude of security tools is time-consuming. Teams are also finding it hard to tell if they are implementing best security practices and whether they’ll be prepared to recover post-attack.

We are pleased to introduce the Rubrik Data Security Command Center which enables IT and security teams to assess whether their backup data is safe and capable of recovering from a cyber-attack. Now, organizations can see which data is at risk and get recommendations to make their data more secure across the three main Rubrik security components - Data Resilience, Data Observability, and Data Recovery. With Command Center, you will get answers to these hard-hitting data security questions:

Is our data safe? 
Can we recover from a security incident, such as a ransomware attack and restore business operations?
How can we reduce data risks?
How can we improve our overall security posture?
Are we implementing industry best practices for safeguarding our data?

Visualize Data Risk

Improving cyber resilience starts with understanding your current security posture. Through the use of risk scores, Rubrik Data Security Command Center:

  • Provides direct visibility into an organization’s data risk profile

  • Categorizes risks

  • Identifies security gaps

This is accomplished by analyzing data collected from Rubrik Ransomware Investigation and Rubrik Sensitive Data Discovery, and existing security configurations, access controls, audit logs, encryption scanners, security logs, and more. From this data analysis, Command Center evaluates each risk indicator against Rubrik best security practices and then calculates a data security score - providing a single source of truth for your Rubrik data environment. The score ranges from 1 to 100, and the higher the score, the data is less at risk. This score is then presented via a simple SaaS-based dashboard for quick visibility into data risk. 



The data security score is calculated across four major risk categories and comes with a detailed breakdown of the category scores and details to allow organizations to assess data risk properly.

The four categories are:

  • Platform Security: Analyzes how well backup data is safeguarded against compromise, deletion, and threats of ransom. Also measures the effectiveness of user controls, admin authentication, and audit logs.

  • Data Protection and Recovery: Checks availability of a clean copy of the latest backup, and whether it meets the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

  • Ransomware Investigation: Determines which data is being actively monitored for ransomware threats, and whether the data can be recovered post-attack.

  • Sensitive Data Discovery: Measures how much sensitive data is being protected and prioritized for recovery.

Get Secure Fast. Stay Secure.

Facing competing priorities,  IT and security teams find it difficult to consistently comply with industry-standard best practices. They are turning to automation to better prioritize resources and maintain the strongest possible security posture.

Rubrik Data Security Command Center unifies and streamlines data security operations across the Rubrik data environment, enabling IT and Security teams to accelerate compliance and risk mitigation. It also provides clear, actionable recommendations, based on industry-standard best practices for securing data, to help with faster and more efficient data risk management. The score improves as security gaps are addressed within the infrastructure. 



Get Everyone Invested in Data Security

Cyber risk is a top concern for executives and boards, creating top-down pressure on IT and security managers to demonstrate current and potential data risks. Rubrik Data Security Command Center helps report progress on data risk management initiatives across the Rubrik data environment to help executives align business and security strategies. IT and Security teams can now generate and share easy-to-understand data security reports with internal security groups, GRC (governance, regulatory, and compliance) teams, and more. It also helps organizations benchmark against their industry peers so they can create actionable plans to improve their security posture. 

Data Risk Management Doesn’t Need to be Complicated

Rubrik Data Security Command Center is a tool organizations can rely on to consistently identify, quantify and reduce data risk in their Rubrik environment. Instead of taking a siloed and guesswork approach, Rubrik provides actionable, data-driven intelligence to maximize your data security. Its ability to streamline and automate data risk management workflows and benchmark against an industry baseline is what makes it a powerful tool to use to make impactful security decisions.



To learn more about Rubrik Data Security Command Center and our other new features as part of the announcement of Rubrik Security Cloud, view our keynotes and breakout sessions at our annual user conference, FORWARD, in our virtual on-demand sessions here