Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, CarePoint Health is a leader in the delivery of preventive medicine, healthcare education, and disease management. Each year, CarePoint Health delivers hundreds of thousands of healthcare services to residents in Hudson County through its three area hospitals. Lev Goronshteyn, CTO at CarePoint Health, discusses how Rubrik and Microsoft Azure simplified CarePoint’s data management operations and helped them eliminate tape.

What challenges were you experiencing with data protection?
When we combined the three hospital IT environments, it created a lot of complexity and performance challenges for us. Our old system was inherently difficult to use, our backups were taking 12 hours or longer to complete, and our restores could take hours. We were spending a lot of time on backups, and we wanted to free our employees up to work on other initiatives. We also were sitting on a vast amount of tape, which was challenging to manage and needed to be eliminated.

Why did you choose Rubrik and Microsoft Azure?
We knew that by transitioning to a hybrid cloud we could unlock cost savings and efficiency gains that weren’t possible with our legacy systems. To get the results we wanted, we knew that we needed vendors that would work well with each other and within our existing environment.

We think hard about every technology investment both in terms of how it will improve our operations and how it sets us up for the future. We chose Microsoft Azure and Rubrik because they were both built with hybrid cloud environments in mind. They’re also both great partners, and that’s very important for us.

What features help drive business outcomes?
Rubrik integrates with Azure and our other key solutions, which lets us manage our entire environment through one interface. Before we brought the environments together, we were utilizing four or five separate backup solutions, and none of them worked particularly well. We knew that we wanted to get to a point where we could archive to the public cloud, but our legacy environment prevented us from making that a reality. With Rubrik and Azure, we’re now protecting ~40 terabytes of data in the cloud and have eliminated tape.

Security is also something that’s very important for us and was a large part of why we chose Rubrik and Azure. Rubrik encrypts data at-rest and in-flight and has immutable backups built into the platform, which gives us confidence that our data is secure and in compliance with HIPAA whether it’s on-premises or in Azure.

What results have you seen with Rubrik and Azure?

  • 50% TCO reduction: By avoiding a costly refresh and going with Rubrik instead of our legacy solution, we were able to save 50%. Not needing to pay for migration support or spend time managing the entire implementation process save us some hidden cost as well.
  • Simple management: Our old solution was incredibly complex. With Rubrik there aren’t classes or certifications that you need. It’s easy to set your SLAs, and then Rubrik takes care of the rest
  • Improved RPOs and near-zero RTOs: It used to regularly take us over 12 hours to complete a backup. With Rubrik, backups take less than 30 minutes and our restores are near-instant.

How do you plan on using Rubrik and Microsoft Azure in the future?
We’re planning to use ServiceNow and Rubrik to have an automated project intake process. This will be a big time saver for us and will allow us to move further towards our goal of automating as much as possible. As we look to move more of our workloads to Azure, we want to use Rubrik not just to protect it, but to get us there.

Watch the video below to learn more about CarePoint Health’s results with Rubrik and Microsoft Azure.

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