Today, I am happy to announce the general availability of the Rubrik software development kit (SDK) for Go, an open source programming language developed by Google. Go increases efficiency through clear syntax, reliable concurrency primitives, and native compilation and is the foundation of industry standard tools such as Terraform.

The Rubrik Go SDK allows you to easily interact with our API while simultaneously reducing the amount of code you need to maintain. The Rubrik SDK for Go supports infrastructure engineers and developers with a number of use cases, including the ability to provision and protect apps, programmatically manage a Rubrik cluster, and protect and restore workloads.

Our goal with this and all SDKs is to enable our users to easily consume Rubrik APIs, which allow you to innovate faster and use the tools you prefer. You can use the Rubrik SDK for Go to build and protect cloud and on-prem apps faster. For example, the SDK allows you to:

  • Interact with the cluster and its configuration, such as domain, NTP, and DNS settings
  • Create and assign SLA policies to workloads
  • Recover workloads using Instant Recovery and Live Mount
  • Query the Rubrik cluster for protection status

To get started, simply run the command go get  to download and install the SDK. The following video provides a quick walkthrough on how to get started.

I am very excited about this release, but I’m even more excited to see what our customers do with Go. The Rubrik team will continuously develop and release simplified functions and provide full engineering support.

You can access the documentation and contribute to the Github repository for the SDK now. To learn about our Python SDK, check out this blog.

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