Given the recent digital explosion, the size of our customers’ NAS environments has drastically increased. A big reason for this is the relative ease with which companies can deploy, manage, and scale NAS storage systems. As more and more critical data makes their way to NAS systems (e.g., medical images, design files, and sensitive documents), enterprises are increasing their focus on NAS protection.

Rubrik is a one-stop shop for enterprise data protection, and a large component of this protection is NAS. Given the significant size of our customers’ NAS environments, Rubrik built NAS Direct Archive with our new Andes 5.0 release to address the challenge of efficiently protecting large NAS environments. NAS Direct Archive combines our customers’ desire for a cost-efficient solution with Rubrik’s trademark simplicity and core capabilities such as single file search and recovery across massive filesets. Our approach delivers global mobility for all our customers’ NAS data by indexing and capturing metadata and orchestrating data to users’ destination of choice–public cloud, object store, or NFS.

NAS Direct Archive is a testament to Rubrik’s commitment to tailoring our product to our customers while maintaining our industry leading position as an enterprise data management provider. Here are the top benefits of NAS Direct Archive:

Cost-efficient protection at scale: One of the biggest pain points of our NAS customers is the high cost of scaling their data protection solution. NAS Direct Archive solves this pain point by eliminating the need to store anything but metadata directly on Rubrik, delivering massive storage efficiency. For organizations with greater than a few PBs of NAS, Rubrik serves as a strategic a partner in their data protection ecosystem by reducing total costs and enabling our customers to scale.

Discover your NAS files, anywhere: As enterprises leverage Rubrik’s efficiency to protect their entire NAS environment, they also gain visibility across all of the information that is stored there. By indexing a user’s files, NAS Direct Archive enables users to perform a global search and quickly conduct granular, file-level recovery. Users can also get rich reports on their entire NAS environment to track stats such as policy compliance, system capacity, and data reduction.

Customer-centric approach: It’s no secret that Rubrik is obsessed with customer engagement. Our NAS Direct Archive capability is born directly from the conversations we’ve had with our customers to understand their challenges around data management in their NAS environments. The NAS Direct Archive capability answers those needs, providing better protection options for their rapidly growing NAS environments that can take advantage of the scalable economics of the cloud coupled with the intelligence of Rubrik’s data management.

Under the Hood


To build NAS Direct Archive, we’ve created the following innovations:

  1. Fundamentally re-architected our fileset protection process: As soon as the files are search indexed on the Brik, Rubrik will stream them to the final archival location, retaining nothing but metadata on the local cluster.
  2. Retained our plethora of archival locations: With the exception of tape and virtual tape libraries, NAS Direct Archive supports all of our existing Archival Locations (on-prem NFS, on-prem object store, and public cloud).
  3. Further enhanced our parallel streaming capabilities: As data is ingested onto Rubrik, we will, in parallel, stream other files out to the archival location.

Interested in learning more about our innovative approach to NAS? Register for our webinar on January 30th for a deep dive on NAS Direct Archive.