Native NAS Protection at Infinite Scale

Say good-bye to painful backup jobs. Natively integrate with any vendor or protocol with data management built for scale-out NAS. Deliver incremental-forever backups for fast recoveries.
Instantly access files, on-prem or in the cloud. Automate discovery and compliance – perfect for large-scale environments.


Recover Now with Policy-Driven Management

Leverage an intuitive, policy-based user interface for the NAS vendor or protocol of your choice. Significantly reduce RTOs and increase storage efficiencies with incremental-forever backups. Easily assign backup, recovery, and archival policies that align to your business SLAs. Deliver self-service recoveries to designated users via role-based access control.

Rubrik - NAS - Easy to use

Native Protection

Mount NAS volumes directly into Rubrik. No proxies required. All data is captured in its native format for fast recovery.

Rubrik - NAS - Granular Reporting

Incremental-Forever Backups

Deliver rapid multi-stream, incremental-forever backups to generate network and capacity savings.

Rubrik - NAS - Icon On Demand Insights

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Natively integrate with all NAS vendors and protocols. Rubrik provides a vendor-agnostic approach with multi-protocol access for NFS or SMB shares.

Management Automation

Policy-Driven Automation

Policy-Driven Automation

Create backup, recovery, and archival policies in minutes. Sit back and relax as policies are executed.

API-First Architecture

API-First Architecture

Automate custom lifecycle management workflows that play well with third party services. Rubrik is designed with an API-driven interface. Even our HTML5 interface consumes RESTful API endpoints.

Rubrik Envision: Customized Analytics

Rubrik Envision: Customized Analytics

Create and share customized reports to deliver platform analytics across your entire infrastructure. Get actionable insights from data visualization on data management, compliance, and capacity utilization.

Rubrik - NAS - Scheduwle Report Illustration Rubrik - NAS - Create SLA Illustration

Instant Data Access With Predictive Search

Discover your data instantly, everywhere. Suggested search allows you to search for a single file. Recover faster. Anytime, anywhere.

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Backup For a Better Tomorrow.

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