Today, I’m excited to announce that Rubrik has achieved the status of a certified Backup & Restore provider for Microsoft Teams. We’re thrilled to demonstrate proficiency and commitment to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs in today’s security-first, cloud-first world and a distinguishing mark within Microsoft’s partner ecosystem.

Backup & Restore Certification

After weeks of evaluation, it’s exciting to provide our customers with a data protection solution that supports Teams data with automated protection at enterprise scale and with rapid data recovery. Microsoft Teams Backup & Restore certification provides customers with the assurance that each participating partner's solution has been tested and verified to provide the quality, compatibility, and reliability they expect from Microsoft solutions. 

As a certified Backup & Restore provider, Rubrik secures access to Teams data to conform with the certifications guidelines. For example, Rubrik’s data ingestion is all done using Microsoft Graph APIs and using Microsoft’s official SDKs, with data TLS-encrypted by default and access strongly authenticated, as outlined in our recent whitepaper

“This Microsoft Teams Backup & Recovery competency showcases our expertise in and commitment to today’s data security market and demonstrates our deep knowledge of Microsoft Teams,” said Vasu Murthy, VP of Product at Rubrik. 

”We are pleased to see Rubrik join the Microsoft Teams ecosystem of certified providers,” said Yaron Hezroni, Principal Group Product Manager for Teams Ecosystem, Microsoft. “Protecting users’ data is critical for helping customers maintain uninterrupted business operations. The integration with Rubrik ensures that customers can protect users’ data quickly and reliably using Graph APIs that were designed for this purpose.”


The Need for Microsoft 365 Protection

Over the past several years, interest in Rubrik protection for Microsoft 365, including Teams support, has accelerated at a rapid pace. Rubrik for Microsoft 365 has been adopted by organizations across the globe - within the financial services, healthcare, technology and more - in support of their mission to protect business and customer data. Our Microsoft 365 suite coverage has continued to grow, with one of the most recent additions being protection of Teams Channel Posts

The Certification Process

The process of Microsoft Teams Backup & Restore certification entailed more than simply testing the Rubrik for Teams protection against a test plan. It also included structured customer feedback as a part of beta testing, as well as a variety of process alignments between Microsoft and Rubrik, including a premium level of customer support. As a certified provider, Rubrik offers our customers top-notch resolution services with Microsoft Premier Support for Partners and has performed a variety of support integration activities to ensure the most efficient and effective communications and processes between the two support organizations. 

Security at the Core

Microsoft Teams Backup & Restore certification reinforces our commitment to protecting our customers’ Microsoft 365 suite from data loss. This goes for incidents such as accidental deletion or account compromise, in the case of stolen admin credentials and hackers manipulating or deleting retention policies to potentially remove all data from your environment. 

At Rubrik, security has been built into our platform from the beginning. Rubrik provides policy-based protection of Microsoft 365 based on zero trust. With a secure, Rubrik-hosted architecture, air gapped protection separates backups from the Microsoft 365 tenant and solution. If data is lost, an isolated backup ensures ransomware recovery readiness and provides the confidence in being able to restore from a clean copy of your data. Data across not only Microsoft 365 but also enterprise cloud and SaaS apps is secure and accessible through a single, intuitive dashboard. With unified management comes more control and visibility, plus the benefit of automated security. It’s easy to eliminate manual job-scheduling and streamline protection for tens of thousands of users by applying a singular SLA policy across the board. 

Make Rubrik Your Microsoft 365 Data Recovery Strategy

As your organization strives to achieve its own security and cyber resilience initiatives, I invite you to join your over 2,500 peer organizations who are joint Rubrik and Microsoft customers. These cutting-edge organizations are leveraging the benefits Rubrik provides: accelerated ransomware recovery, automated data protection, and a de-risked journey to the cloud. We will continue to support them in achieving their business resilience goals and know that Microsoft Teams Backup & Restore certification is a meaningful addition to that support.

Want to learn more about Rubrik protection for Microsoft 365 Teams, plus SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange Online? Join us for the upcoming Rubrik Data Security Summit. We’ll be bringing together the world’s leading experts and voices in cyber security to share insights on how to combat the world of cyber crime.