Reimagine data protection in Google Cloud.

Modernize your approach with automated backup and accelerated operational recovery. Ensure complete data control by keeping your data in your Google Cloud Projects.

Rapid Recovery

No more manual scripting. Rapidly recover an entire instance with just a few clicks for near-zero RTOs.

Policy-Based Automation

Use a single SLA policy engine to simplify and automate data lifecycle management.

Seamless Management

Alleviate administrative burden. Centralize management of thousands of projects across multiple Google Organizations through one interface.

Rubrik’s native protection for Google Cloud modernizes the protection of our cloud-native applications, extending the same simplicity of our on-prem environment into the cloud. By employing the same SLA policies to automate data protection across our hybrid cloud, we no longer have to dedicate time to manage our backups. Rubrik's solution increases our operational efficiency and allows us to focus on what matters the most - our customers.

Frederic Lhoest
Senior Technology Architect, PCCW Global

Use Cases

Do More With Your Data on Google Cloud

Data Archival

Send your application data to Nearline or Coldline storage for long-term retention. Ensure instant accessibility of archived data with Rubrik’s real time predictive search.

Cloud-Native Protection

Modernize backup and recovery of Google Cloud instances with native snapshots and API-based data protection.