Rubrik was built from the ground up for the cloud. Empowering the data-forward enterprise has always been part of our DNA, and it’s clear that the cloud has a critical role for organizations looking to uncap new value and use cases with their exploding amount of data–all while driving operational efficiency. Rubrik started its cloud protection journey with its cloud-native support for AWS and Azure, and today we’re thrilled to announce that Rubrik’s Polaris Cloud-Native Protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is now generally available!

“Rubrik’s collaboration with Google Cloud introduces a rich new cloud backup service to support native GCP workloads,” said Manvinder Singh, Director IaaS/PaaS Partnerships, Google Cloud. “Delivered as a service and driven by a suite of APIs, the solution leverages the simplicity and SLA policy tenets that are foundational to Rubrik’s offerings. As more enterprises migrate their workloads to GCP, this solution will deliver tremendous value to our joint customers.”

Cloud Is Hard

When designing Rubrik Polaris Cloud-Native Protection for GCP, our approach focused on solving the biggest data management challenges based on customer feedback and conversations. These include:

Complex Policy Management: A typical cloud architecture often involves hundreds of different accounts and subscriptions across several cloud regions. Implementing consistent policies at scale requires manual job scheduling or painful scripting, draining productivity from IT teams.

Time-Consuming Recovery: In the event that you need to restore an instance, recovery is often–unfortunately–a manual, multi-step process. The more steps a customer has to take, the more opportunities there are for human error and the longer it takes to get your data back where you need it.

Lack of Unified Management: Customers are building out hybrid and multi-cloud environments, meaning that data is increasingly scattered across their blooming infrastructures. From on-prem to cloud services, native tools to point solutions, customers are forced to manage data in complex silos. 

With these challenges in mind, we had a clear path in how Rubrik Polaris GCP protection would deliver Rubrik’s trademark simplicity and unified data management to your native cloud workloads.

“We are seeing strong momentum around migration to cloud. Rubrik is uniquely positioned to provide enterprise-grade, NextGen data protection solutions for our customers leveraging Google Cloud Platform,” said Tajeshwar Singh, SVP & BU Leader, Digital Foundation Services, HCL Technologies.  “As a strategic partner, we’re delighted to see Rubrik innovate further as they expand their cloud-native offerings on the Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform and provide policy-based protection at scale. We believe that this would enable HCL in providing NextGen API driven Data protection services to HCL customers by reducing deployment complexity due to automation and reducing TCO by managed services effort optimization, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure.”

Saas-Driven GCP Protection 

Rubrik Polaris GCP Protection introduces simpler, automated data protection of Google Compute instances  and ensures that critical data is always secure, easily visible, and recoverable. Here’s how it works:

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Our SaaS solution is designed to be easy and seamless from the get go, even for organizations managing thousands of projects. We understand that our customers would likely distribute their applications across numerous projects, particularly because of the Shared VPC model, which enables users to isolate resources into different projects on a per application, per cost-center, per deployment basis without worrying about network peering limits. We’ve even run into customers with over 10,000 different projects! 

With that in mind, rather than having users manually create a service account for authentication and share credentials directly with Rubrik Polaris, we leverage O-Auth to securely automate and expedite onboarding. Rubrik Polaris automatically discovers all your GCP projects and allows you to select which projects to protect–all while taking minimal permissions and upholding security best practices. With this approach, even the largest environments can start protecting their workloads with just a few clicks.

Once projects have been discovered, you can get started applying backup policies to protect the instances and Disks within these projects. With Rubrik Polaris acting as a control plane giving you visibility across all your projects, you are able to enact consistent policies and exercise global management across all of your projects and regions. Further ensure policy assignment at scale by leveraging GCP labels; aside from simplifying your initial setup, this makes sure that any newly-deployed resources are automatically protected according to their labels, saving you time and eliminating risk of human error from protection.

With Rubrik Polaris, you can achieve near-zero RTOs with just a few clicks–even in the cloud. Rubrik makes it easy to roll back an existing instance to the backup time or create a new instance with data from the backup copy to ensure your business can easily return to a clean slate in the event that your data is compromised. When creating a new instance, you can choose to spin the resource up in a different region–say, for test purposes–and also modify the size, encryption, and availability zone of the recovered instance. The recovered instance can not only inherit the data from the original instance, but also its labels. This ensures that the newly launched instance fits neatly into your cost-allocation and access-control frameworks.

“Rubrik’s native protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) modernizes the protection of our cloud-native applications, extending the same simplicity of our on-prem environment into the cloud. By employing the same SLA policies to automate data protection across our hybrid cloud, we no longer have to dedicate time to manage our backups. Rubrik’s solution increases our operational efficiency and allows us to focus on what matters the most – our customers,” said Frederic Lhoest, Senior Technology Architect at PCCW Global.

Here’s a rundown of the top customer benefits:

Easy, Centralized Management
Alleviate admin burden and unify management across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Rubrik’s signature single control plane. With fewer tools to toggle between, admins can boost productivity and achieve standard visibility and control. And because Rubrik Polaris GCP Protection is delivered as a service, it eliminates the need for additional infrastructure and ongoing maintenance. 

Policy-Based Automation
With a single SLA policy engine, create policies that can be easily scaled across hundreds of GCP projects and regions, making it easy to automate data lifecycle management while eliminating routine backup tasks.

Turbocharged Recovery
Wave goodbye to manual scripting. With Rubrik, rapidly recover an entire instance with just a few clicks. Our solution empowers organizations to meet the most aggressive recovery objectives (yes, even in the cloud) by delivering recoveries within minutes. 

Rubrik Polaris GCP Protection builds off other cloud-native innovations we’ve recently brought to market: protection for Amazon RDS and Microsoft 365 OneDrive. Want to dive deeper into our latest offerings? Contact our team to get started.