Mass recovery

Rapidly recover your systems

Restore business operations quickly by recovering apps, files, or users at scale.

Mass recovery

Bring your business back online

When a disaster or ransomware attack strikes, a simple yet scalable path to recover data can help avoid costly interruptions.

Ensure business continuity with a secure recovery of your data and applications that meets your business' recovery time objectives.

Minimal Downtime

Recover hundreds of VMs—in bulk, or restore tens of thousands of files to a clean state, within minutes.

Reliable Recovery

Recover your data with no reinfection, by identifying files and applications infected by ransomware.

Flexible operations

Recover what you need with guided workflows for file-level, object-level, application-level, and system-wide restore after a ransomware attack.
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Recover to a suggested snapshot

No more spending time looking for a recovery point. When hit by ransomware, recover all your data from the latest clean snapshot— suggested by machine learning.

Execute smooth mass recovery operations without key-person dependency or specialized skills.

Recover to a suggested snapshot

Easily identify a clean snapshot

Select the last known good copy by analyzing snapshots exhibiting anomalous behavior and signs of encryption.

Ransomware Investigation provides guidance on when, where, and how systems are infected so you can safely recover your data.

Easily identify a safe recovery point
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Select your recovery approach

To restore business operations with near-zero downtime, you need the scale of mass recovery along with the flexibility to recover only what you need. Depending on the scope and impact of the attack, certain recovery techniques perform better in terms of speed and efficiency, helping you meet your business RTO objectives.

Surgical ransomware recovery

Don’t pay the ransom. Restore only the infected files and data—in place—and roll back to the desired point in time to prevent data loss.

Instant application recovery

Bring applications back up immediately with temporary recovery on a Rubrik cluster, followed by migration to production when suitable.

Storage outage recovery

Restore your VMs by exporting a complete point-in-time backup to the original environment or a completely new one.

Proactive recovery testing

Test DR readiness using Live Mount to create an isolated copy of your production environment, without disruptions.

Automated site recovery

Orchestrate a seamless recovery of VMs to your production storage or a recovery environment via user-defined blueprints.

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