Enforcing Fair Play: Regulatory Compliance for Critical Infrastructure

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NIS 2 for Critical Infrastructure

NIS2: Tightening the Grip on Cyber Security Controls

The new update to the Security of Networks & Information Systems Regulations, also known as NIS2, is the latest in a row of data protection regulations specific to organisations doing business with European Union (EU) and UK organisations deemed part of a nation’s critical infrastructure.

NIS2 is a concise, converged set of controls that allow organisations to achieve comprehensive data management in key areas to help them defend against cyber threats effectively—and quickly revert back to operational efficiencies when a major cyber incident occurs. But even more so, NIS2 represents a distinct shift in the way we ensure the survivability of our critical infrastructure—and data management is key to making that happen.

Gain expert insights into NIS2 and the most pressing data security regulations impacting critical infrastructure organisations operating in Europe by exploring our bundle of resources.

NIS 2 Compliance

Don’t Exit on a Technicality! Get Clear-Cut Compliance with Rubrik

With Rubrik, you can proactively improve your data security readiness to meet data protection regulations.

Rubrik helps make regulatory compliance simple and efficient with a single platform that delivers data management on premises and in the cloud. Rubrik enables users to automate data protection policies and expiration while providing full transparency into where your data resides and how policy compliance is met across the entire infrastructure.

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Prove the success of your incident response and continuity of service plans

Create your cyber recovery plan and conduct regular testing and validation in isolated recovery environments to ensure recovery SLAs are met. Measure time taken for recovery and provide detailed historical performance reports to auditors and insurers.


Boost your security measures with data security and ransomware defences

Store data in an immutable format, preventing ransomware from accessing and encrypting your backups. Get AI-driven insights that give you visibility into how your data has changed during an attack. Extend Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security to the cloud with data that is logically air-gapped and recoverable from cyberattacks.

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Know your data risk and compliance gaps with easy-to-understand security scoring

Identify security gaps and get actionable recommendations to reduce data risk. Streamline data risk management across the Rubrik data environment, and gain comprehensive visibility and control over data risk. Generate and share easy-to-understand data security reports with executives, internal security groups, GRC teams, and more.


Be Unstoppable with Built-in Compliance Controls

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Secure Critical Data with Policy-Driven Protection

Ensure data availability, maintain policy compliance, and orchestrate recovery workflows with policy-driven workflows, while delivering fast and predictable recoveries with an understanding of application relationships.


De-Risk and Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Protect enterprise applications, search across applications and files, and quickly spin up test/dev instances in the cloud—all through a single control plane. Rubrik was built to leverage the flexibility and economics of public cloud from day one. 

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Maximise Security and Efficiency for Your Unstructured Data

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct protects petabyte-scale unstructured data efficiently, enables continuous monitoring and identification of cyber threats, and orchestrates rapid NAS data recovery and archival on premises or in the cloud.

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Orchestrate Cyber and Disaster Recovery Workflows

Improve operational efficiency and automate orchestration of cyber and disaster recovery workflows through a single user interface. Automate identification of clean recovery points for quick recovery of applications to production.


Accelerate Cyber Recovery Using the Power of AI

Streamline decision-making during a cyber incident and respond faster to emerging threats. AI-powered cyber recovery is designed to minimise data loss and reduce downtime from cyberattacks through generative AI recommendations.

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Facilitate Compliance with Data Regulations

Discover and classify sensitive data like PII, PHI, and PCI to reduce potential exposure risk. Document where sensitive data resides and who has access. Help manage compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR and NIS2.

Case Studies

The world’s leading critical infrastructure organisations trust Rubrik

Rubrik helps innovative critical infrastructure organisations better leverage data as a strategic differentiator. The world’s leading critical infrastructure organisations trust Rubrik to protect, automate, and govern their applications at a massive scale in one seamless fabric across data centres and clouds. For essential and important entities making up the critical systems underpinning our way of life, Rubrik enables breakthrough simplicity, speed, and savings.

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The Scottish Government Reduces Costs and Ensures Data Security with End-to-End Encryption

“Rubrik has significantly simplified the auditing process by being designed from the ground up with end-to-end security. In our industry, the rules and regulations are constantly evolving. We must be able to implement solutions that meet new requirements in the blink of an eye—otherwise, we could be subject to millions of pounds worth of fines.”


Elenia Delivers Instant Recovery for Business Continuity with Rubrik

“The electricity distribution industry is subject to regulations throughout Finland requiring systems to be running all the time. Rubrik allows us to meet these standards, delivering high performance and instant recovery in case of a disaster. It is clear that Rubrik is the best product in the market.”


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Kreis Borken (District of Borken) Realises High Performance and Cloud Adoption with Rubrik

“Our mission is to ensure the security and availability of the data and applications required for our district’s operations. As a regional government authority, the security and availability of our data are paramount. Rubrik is the whole package and gives us confidence that our data is protected. The solution is so effortless that our team can’t imagine using anything else.”


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