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Secure Your Microsoft 365 Data with Rubrik

In a world that embraces remote work now more than ever, Microsoft 365 has become the lynchpin for employee communication and collaboration. But as organizations are spending more time adopting SaaS applications, cyber-criminals are spending more time targeting them.

As with all cloud-based services, while Microsoft is responsible for security of the cloud, the customer is always responsible for security in the cloud. While they provide a number of compliance and eDiscovery tools to manage application data, native backup and recovery isn't one of them.

Today's enterprises need to enlist a third-party solution to safeguard from data loss and ensure that critical data is backed up, secure, and always accessible. During this webinar, you will:

  1. Discover opportunities for data loss in Microsoft 365

  2. Understand the role of third-party backup in a robust SaaS data management strategy

  3. Learn how to onboard, automate SLA policies, and rapidly recover your application data – all from one interface – with Rubrik

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