Ransomware is a pervasive threat to organizations globally. Just this year alone, we have seen major cyberattacks on industry giants like Colonial Pipeline, JBS, and even smaller organizations where the attack has a snowball effect that impacts hundreds of other businesses like the case with the ransomware attack targeting Kaseya, an IT managed service provider headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Recent research has found that ransomware attacks have increased 150% annually and with growth rates like that, organizations have quite a problem on their hands. The pandemic has created an inflection point in the pace at which enterprises are adopting the cloud to meet their security, scalability, and remote-management needs. Those needs are driving the rapid adoption of SaaS for organizations seeking easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage data protection solutions.

Modern problems need modern solutions and that is why Rubrik is excited to extend our strategic alliance with Microsoft to accelerate our joint solutions and deliver cyber resiliency for customers all over the world. Earlier this year, we announced that Rubrik solutions were available on the Azure Marketplace and available for purchasing using Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments. Now as we deepen our relationship, we are focusing on providing Zero Trust security, scalability, and simplicity of experience. This has come to fruition as integrated cloud services with Azure for hybrid cloud data protection, including Microsoft 365 and ransomware remediation services. 

Modernizing Security and Defending Against Threats

Cyberattacks like ransomware continue to grow in complexity. Hackers are using new coding languages and technologies to infect business systems with malware, but it doesn’t end just there. Attackers are going for backups as well. Traditional backup systems are failing, and that is why deploying a modernized Zero Trust Data Security™ solution like that of Rubrik is pivotal in recovering from modern threats like a ransomware attack. 

Rubrik and Microsoft are focused on improving data management so that customers can avoid paying the bad guys who are instigating ransomware attacks. Across all industries including Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, SLG, and more, we are helping customers detect attacks quickly, recover fast, and avoid paying the ransom. Rubrik and Microsoft Azure are increasingly essential components for our customers building their Zero Trust foundations.

Securing Azure, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud

Microsoft Azure and Rubrik are working together towards unique technology enhancements, as well as Microsoft data protection and management features as it relates to Rubrik’s Zero-Trust SaaS Solutions. Our first joint offering with Microsoft is Rubrik Microsoft 365 Protection – a SaaS solution built on Azure to protect and manage Microsoft 365 data against ransomware and insider attacks, and available to customers through Azure Marketplace. Coming soon, we will also include SaaS offerings for data center and cloud workloads available through the Azure Marketplace.

Managing and Investigate Risks

Key areas of the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) principles outlined by the NIST are trusting nothing and assuming that all users, devices, and applications are untrustworthy and may have already been compromised in the wake of an attack. Reducing the likelihood of risk intrusion is paramount in following these principles and Rubrik addresses this with three core mechanisms: 

  1. Native Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is available for all users

  2. Granular Role-based Access Controls restrict permissions and access based on an individual’s role within an organization, following the principle of least privileged access.

  3. Secure Command-Line Interface with Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) adds an additional layer of security preventing web security vulnerabilities.

Following a Zero Trust approach that includes all industry best practices is the only way to truly protect data from cyber threats and ransomware. Both Microsoft and Rubrik are committed to a Zero Trust approach to securing business data both on-premises and the cloud. 

Building Zero Trust Foundations

This is a major step in curbing the rise in ransomware and cybercrime. Businesses need access to software solutions and SaaS offerings that comply with Zero Trust principles in order to ensure business continuity. In our strategic collaboration with Microsoft, the journey to the cloud has never been more seamless and secure. 

Excited about these advancements in ransomware recovery and Zero Trust data protection? Check out the Rubrik Data Security Summit where security leaders from the private and public sectors come together to talk about modernized approaches to addressing evolving cyber threats like ransomware.