At the Rubrik Data Security Spotlight, we introduced Rubrik Cloud Vault, our fully managed, secure, and isolated cloud vault service built on Microsoft Azure. Rubrik Cloud Vault enables customers to build a comprehensive and multi-layered data protection strategy to be cyber resilient. Customers can now store copies of their backup data in a separate cloud environment, managed by Rubrik, that is logically air-gapped from their core data center and cloud workloads, thus dramatically reducing the risk of backup data breach, encryption, or theft. 

Rubrik Cloud Vault delivers management simplicity as it reduces cloud administrative complexities and is available at predictable per TB cost. It truly is a simple, safe, and quick way to leverage cloud storage to secure or archive data. 

Built on Microsoft Azure, Rubrik Cloud Vault combines Rubrik’s Zero Trust architecture with the fundamental security and reliability features of Azure Blob Storage. The result is an invaluable solution our customers can leverage to address ransomware threats.

Since its launch, there has been immense interest in Rubrik Cloud Vault. Here are some of the common questions we get about our latest offering:

Q: Is there any equipment required on-site at our data center?

A: You can leverage any appliance running CDM software (6.0.2 and above). This can be in any form factor - physical, virtual, or Cloud Cluster. 

Q: Are there Rubrik SLAs in addition to those offered by Microsoft?

A: As Rubrik Cloud Vault storage is built on Azure Blob storage, data is protected according to the SLA offered by Microsoft, which is currently “99.999999999% (11 nines) durability of objects over a given year.” Leveraging this highly resilient cloud storage tier, you can now protect your data with Rubrik by configuring an SLA to meet your business objectives.

Q: Can the retention days be extended on the backup and archive tiers?

A: The retention days would be dictated by the SLA in the required form in the Rubrik platform. So, the answer is yes-- all the retention functionality and durations would be configured at the SLA level not at Rubrik Cloud Vault Level.

Q: Are there any limitations on single file size?

A: Anything that is currently covered by Rubrik can be leveraged with Rubrik Cloud Vault.

Q: Is the data encrypted and hidden? To keep the data safe from ransomware and hackers who may be on the network?

A: Data is encrypted using customer-provided encryption keys. Rubrik does that by default, and data is encrypted during transit and at rest. 

Q: Does Rubrik offer a Best Practices Guide to assist after we purchase your service?

A: Yes. Please check out this best practices guide. In addition, you may find many other technical papers and blogs at

Q: Is there a single interface to manage everything and can it be automated end-to-end?

A: The Rubrik platform will allow the provisioning and monitoring of Rubrik Cloud Vault. We keep on adding more and more functionality to our SaaS platform as it becomes the single pane of glass for visibility of all your data. 

Q: Does Rubrik Cloud Vault provide security for Microsoft business applications like CRM, and ERP?

A: At this time, Rubrik Cloud Vault is not supported for protecting SaaS applications. We do have separate solutions for that, for example, for protecting Microsoft 365 environments.

Q: Would a customer need a VPN tunnel to Rubrik’s tenant or their Azure tenant?

A: No, they would not need it. 

Q: How long does it take to upload about X terabytes from my Rubrik clusters to your cloud site? Is there anything you can say about some sort of rules of thumb for people?

A: Every customer’s environment is unique, so it would be difficult to calculate. Your Rubrik Account team will be able to assist with sizing as they are more familiar with your specific requirements.

Q: Can we check or measure security in a dashboard or report?

A: Rubrik provides the ability to produce audit reports and appliance reports done on successful backups or failed backup jobs. So you can do a complete compliance report on all your data protection tasks - you can see what has failed and what has not, what's in compliance and what isn’t, or If the SLAs have been met.

Q: You talk about air-gapped. Is Rubrik Cloud Vault considered an air-gapped copy of the data? 

A: Rubrik Cloud Vault provides a logical air gap for customers’ data, as a copy of your backups resides in a Rubrik owned and managed tenant that is isolated from a customer’s administrative domain. In other words with Rubrik Cloud Vault, your data is in an account-isolated environment, off-site from your core hybrid IT workloads, thus providing a logical air gap between the different domains.

Q: Is Rubrik Cloud Vault a selectable option within Rubrik for cloud-native backups to be tiered to archive storage? 

A: Once you subscribe to the service, Rubrik Cloud Vault is enabled on the Rubrik platform. Rubrik Cloud Vault is currently not targeted at cloud-native backup.

Q: How are credentials managed that are used to access Rubrik Cloud Vault?

A: The credentials used to access Rubrik Cloud Vault are created and managed by Rubrik. They are not provided to customers. Additionally, customers will provide their encryption key which Rubrik uses to encrypt their data. Customers are responsible for securing their encryption keys and Rubrik cannot recover them if they are lost.

Q: What kind of additional hardware is needed, if any?

A: This is a purely SaaS service. The only requirements are that customers are on version 6.0.2 or above of the Rubrik platform.

Q: Do you provide custom demos to our customers? 

A: Of course, we do. Just contact your Rubrik Account Team and they will be able to coordinate one with you. If you don’t have a Rubrik Account Team, fill out this short form

Q: Is Rubrik Cloud Vault available in AWS and on the other cloud providers?

A: At launch, Rubrik Cloud Vault is available on Azure only. However, keep in mind that you can still mobilize data today to any cloud, but you have to manage everything, end-to-end on your own. 

Q: What are the storage tiers you are offering?

A: Rubrik Cloud Vault is offered in two tiers- Backup and Archive. The Backup tier is based on Azure cool storage, and the Archive is based on Azure archive storage. Immutability is available for the backup tier.

Q: Is Rubrik Cloud Vault available on the Azure marketplace.

A: Yes, it is. And purchasing it from there counts towards your MACC usage. 

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