The Communauté d’Agglomération Melun Val de Seine (CAMVS) is a French urban community, located in the Île-de-France region, in the Seine-et-Marne department. As a public inter-municipal cooperation establishment, CAMVS provides a number of services, including economic development, transport, habitat, environment, higher education, culture, and sports. They currently support 20 municipalities and over 130,000 inhabitants. We recently spoke with Emmanuel Chadoutaud, who manages the Infrastructure Systems and Data Security for 14 municipalities.

What challenges were you experiencing with data protection?
As a result of consolidating 14 municipalities into one centralized IT department, we [ended up] managing about ten different backup solutions. All of these solutions were error-prone and unreliable. We weren’t confident in our ability to guarantee reliable and always-on services.

Additionally, the volume of work involved in just monitoring backups was becoming unmanageable. We had several occasions where we were unable to meet our SLAs due to solutions crashing. It got to the point that we were dealing with one backup incident or more per week.

What were you looking for in your new solution?
We’re a small, agile team, and monitoring our previous solutions was taking too much time. We simply cannot afford to be specialists in several different platforms. Streamlining our tools would allow us to easily oversee our entire infrastructure and ensure the security of our IT systems. We didn’t want to purchase separate hardware and software solutions since that would mean separate maintenance contracts and support. We needed an all-in-one solution, something only Rubrik could offer.

Why did you end up choosing Rubrik as your data management solution?
We were sold on Rubrik once we saw the simplicity of the software. We cannot afford to have complicated IT that requires multiple weeks of training. Rubrik was easy to use out of the box with no training required. It allows us to manage all our data with a single pane of glass—virtual machines, physical servers, databases, file servers, and more. On top of that, we immediately saw data reduction and power consumption savings.

What benefits have you seen with Rubrik?
We are currently using Rubrik to protect our Oracle databases, Windows, Linux virtual servers and onsite Windows environments. Benefits include:

  • 90% management time savings: “We went from spending two hours per day managing our previous solution to five minutes per day with Rubrik.”
  • 3x improved backup performance: “Previously, it would take 48 hours to backup our data. Now it only takes 16 hours. On top of that, we are no longer restricted to scheduling backups at night. With Rubrik, we can perform backups at any time without impact to production.”
  • 3x reduction in maintenance costs: “Now that we have one solution, maintenance costs me three times less with Rubrik.”
  • Archival to NAS: “We can backup data directly on Rubrik but also archive to NAS when we want. This will allow for longer retention of saved data.”
  • Rubrik Edge for remote offices: “We’re managing several remote sites. Edge allows us to have a local copy of our backups and replicate it to our main Rubrik appliance, which will allow for faster restores if necessary at our branch offices.”
  • Proactive, 24/7 support: “Rubrik’s support team is hyper-responsive. They go above and beyond in following up. The value of their support cannot be overstated.”

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