At Rubrik, we architected our platform to automate as much as possible, as easily as possible while enabling customers to unlock new value from their data. This obsession with automation has extended well beyond our product into our partner ecosystem, and we’re constantly working on new integrations that meet the growing demands of our customers.  

Today, we’re excited to announce that Rubrik users can now seamlessly protect workloads deployed on VMware Cloud Foundation, an advanced cloud infrastructure platform. Cloud Foundation provides a complete set of software-defined services for compute, storage, networking, and security to run enterprise applications in private or public environments. It simplifies the path to the hybrid cloud by delivering a single, integrated solution that is easy to operate thanks to built-in automated lifecycle management.

Cloud Foundation, like Rubrik, is engineered to be simple, unlocking greater agility and productivity by eliminating the operational bottlenecks of legacy infrastructure. Rubrik’s support for Cloud Foundation protection is full-featured while extending its focus on simplicity. Using Rubrik and VMware Cloud Foundation together helps accelerate companies on their journey to meet hybrid cloud business requirements by protecting on-premises workloads, providing archival and replication to public cloud, and providing the ability to instantiate vSphere workloads in AWS or Azure.


Pairing Rubrik with Cloud Foundation brings automated data protection to the software-defined data center (SDDC) and provides a variety of use cases and methods to ensure that both the management and workload VMs are protected and available. With our well-loved, policy-driven approach to data protection and automation, Cloud Foundation users not only gain simplicity around the management of the underlying infrastructure, but can be rest assured that the workloads consuming cloud resources can be restored with near-zero RTOs, even at the file and image level.

Organizations building out a new Cloud Foundation SDDC with the intent to migrate existing workloads may experience challenges with some third-party integrations detecting the migrated VMs as new workloads. This may result in losing historical data or statistics associated with the migrated VMs. Rubrik addresses this pain point by providing  the ability to maintain linkage to the VM’s backup data, even after it’s migrated into a new SDDC. This ensures compliance to existing backup policies and that the protection history is maintained.

Cloud Foundation takes an automated lifecycle approach: automating many day 0 through day 2 operations and streamlining processes around bring up (installation), setup, configuration, and patching/upgrades of the entire integrated vSphere stack. Rubrik, with its API-first architecture, works in harmony with Cloud Foundation to further provide automation into the data protection realm in a number of areas. These include but are not limited to:

  • Automatic policy-based data protection with new compute workload domains
  • Integration with vRealize Automation for complete VM lifecycle management
  • Instantiating protected workloads in AWS and/or Azure

Together, Rubrik and Cloud Foundation deliver a complementary progressive hybrid cloud enterprise architecture that accelerates applications and business requirements. If you’re interested in learning more about this integration and the joint use cases, take a look at our reference architecture.