To Secure Your Business, You Need to Secure Your Data.

I started looking into Rubrik and the solution checked all of the boxes for me. It could do all of the things that Cohesity couldn’t, plus its native immutability offered me peace of mind with regards to cyber threats.

David Newaj
Assistant CIO, San Joaquin County

Know You
Can Recover

  1. Avoid paying ransoms with rapid and guided recoveries from backups that are immutable the moment they are written to our append-only file system.

  2. Quickly identify your blast radius and what data was exposed with Ransomware Investigation and Data Classification.

Know What You
Are Paying For

  1. Realistic sizing at initial planning.

  2. Free hardware refresh with Rubrik Go Program.

  3. Predictable renewal costs.

  4. Understand your cloud costs.

Know You have a
Reliable Partner

  1. High audited customer net promoter score of 84 thanks to proactive and responsive tech support.

  2. Code quality that delivers reliable backup and recovery.

competitive comparison

Zero Trust Security Isn't Something You Can Bolt On.
It's Built In from Day One.

Rubrik continues to be recognized as one of the leaders in helping customers safeguard their business critical data and help them rapidly recover from ransomware.

Key Areas Rubrik Cohesity
Security Against Attacks A Zero Trust based architecture and guided
recovery options ensure you can recover
from an attack.
Limited investigation and classification
capabilities can put your recovery at risk.
Operational Efficiency Inherited SLAs and robust APIs help give
your team their time back and ensure your
data is securely protected.
A need for multiple policies and a limited
set of APIs can lead to job sprawl and more
time spent managing protection.
Cloud Protection A purpose build architecture provides native
and efficient protection, archival, and
recover for cloud and SaaS.
A lift and shift approach can mean higher
costs and inefficient protection, archival,
and recovery for cloud and SaaS.

Rubrik Stands Behind Our Product

Only Rubrik offers a ransomware recovery warranty. In the event that Rubrik is unable to recover protected data during a ransomware attack, Rubrik offers customers up to a $5M ransomware recovery warranty* to cover expenses related to data recovery and restoration.

* Terms and conditions apply. Refer to warranty agreement for more information.

Companies Worldwide Depend on Rubrik to Secure Their Business

With Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security, your backup data is immutable as soon as it is written to our purpose-built append-only file system and cannot be modified, deleted, or encrypted by ransomware. Your data is readily available so you can recover what you need, when you need it, without ever having to pay a ransom.


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