I started looking into Rubrik and the solution checked all of the boxes for me. It could do all of the things that Cohesity couldn’t, plus its native immutability offered me peace of mind with regards to cyber threats.

David Newaj
Assistant CIO, San Joaquin County


  1. Avoid paying ransoms via fast and precise recovery from an immutable backup platform with Zero Trust access control.

  2. Anomaly detection augmented by sensitive data identification.

Predictable Cost

  1. Realistic sizing at initial planning.

  2. Free hardware upgrades at renewal.

  3. Guarantee renewal costs.

  4. Pricing friendly to cloud migration.

World-Class Tech Support

  1. High customer satisfaction thanks to proactive and responsive tech support.

  2. High success rates with backup and recovery due to code quality and reliability.

Competitive Comparison

Rubrik offers the leading secure primary backup and recovery software solution in the industry with high quality, value, and customer satisfaction. Here’s a competitive breakdown of how Cohesity falls short against Rubrik’s native data recovery capabilities.

Key Areas Rubrik Cohesity
Security against Attacks Robust access control;
native detection/remediation
Weak access control;
rely on 3rd-party tools
Automation SLA domains; strong APIs Job sprawl; weak APIs
Cloud Cloud native by design Lift and shift
RPO/RTO at Scale Fast ingest of large-scale
NAS data to cloud tiers
Underperform in VM
and database backups

Companies Worldwide Depend on Rubrik

With Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security, your data backup solution is natively immutable so it can never be modified, encrypted, or deleted by ransomware. Data is ready at all times so you can recover what you need, when you need,  and never pay a ransom.


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