Built-in Data Security That Relieves Your Headache

Reliable data security can’t be achieved through endless bolt-ons—it has to be built right into the technology. Rubrik’s Zero Trust Data Security is part of our DNA, making us immutable by design. Best of all, you don’t need a degree in our technology to make it work. It just does.


Rubrik’s logical air gap prevents unauthorized discovery, access, mounting, or compromise of data.


By storing data in a proprietary format and verifying it with data integrity checks​, Rubrik prevents unauthorized read, change, encryption, or deletion.


Rubrik eliminates unauthorized account compromise via granular role-based access controls and credentials, including MFA and TOTP.

We’ve Got Your (And Your Data’s) Back

Know You Can Recover

•Avoid paying ransoms with rapid and guided recoveries from backups that are immutable the moment they are written to our append-only file system.

•Quickly identify your blast radius and what data was exposed with Ransomware Investigation and Data Classification.

Know What You Are Paying For

•Realistic sizing at initial planning.

•Predictable renewal costs.

•Cloud costs that are easy to understand.

Know You have a Reliable Partner

•High audited customer net promoter score of 84 thanks to proactive and responsive tech support.

•Code quality that delivers reliable backup and recovery.

competitive comparison

How Rubrik and Commvault Compare

Legacy solutions were built for legacy challenges. See how Rubrik and Commvault stack up.

Key Areas Rubrik Commvault
Data Resilience and Cyber Security Distributed control plane that is natively resilient and secure with a reduced attack surface Vulnerable single control server that relies on offloading metadata for resiliency
Backup expiration based on Monotonic Clock prevents NTP changes or poisoning from expiring Dependent on underlying OS time with scheduled job based operations that are vulnerable to NTP poisoning
Threat Hunting in the backup data based on Yara Rules Manual Staging and isolation to perform forensics on backup data and determine blast radius
Native append-only file system provides “bunker-in-a-box” approach with both built-in immutability and logical air-gap Bolt-on Immutability derived from dissimilar technologies and OS types that allow for malicious file level deletion
Complexity and Operational Efficiency Intuitive and simple to use single UI that seamlessly spans both SaaS and on-prem integration points from a single pane of glass Multiple UIs—Command Center, Web Console, and Java GUI (for advanced tasks)—creates a chaotic user experience of overlapping functions and legacy holdovers
Protection objects are not dependent on entire job to complete before they are replicated to DR location Inefficient job based replication queues groupings of objects behind protection operations
Unified and easy to deploy platform consisting of software, storage, and compute all in one Legacy, complex, three-tier architecture requiring continuous OS maintenance and downstream patching of the many components spanning Media Agents, Data Governance servers, Commserves, Clients/Agents, and the very many different proxy servers
Reduced Downtime and Rapid Recovery Predictable restore performance though scalable hyperconverged platform that increases CPU and Memory as solution grows Inconsistent restore performance due to innumerable architectural options and copious hardware configurations
SLA based backups applied at an object level allowing for granular assignment regardless of workload Restrictive job-based approach that is prone to job sprawl as environment grows
Application level Live-Mount allowing for near production grade database clones direct from Rubrik Cluster Limited VM based Live-Mount functionality can only bring up a few VMs online in degraded state
Data Observability Fully integrated Sensitive Data Discovery Separate resource intensive architecture required to provide sensitive data discovery adding to complexity of solution
File level anomaly detection regardless of workload Dependent on the deployment of agents to provide file level anomaly detection for VMs
Multi-phased, adaptive machine learning intelligence to detect anomalous activity to help identify encryption events Change based anomaly detection keying off of file activity or file type making it prone to more frequent false positives

Why Organizations Choose Rubrik Over Commvault

Commvault Metallic is Looking a Little Rusty

Commvault Metallic is not bred to be a PaaS-engineered product from the ground up! It is a lift-and-shift of Commvault to the cloud. Centrally managed, job-based, recycled legacy technology will leave you high and dry if the internet goes down. No ability to perform restores from on-prem means you better not tell your SecOps team to block your internet access—unless a hacker already did for you!


Only Rubrik Offers a Ransomware Recovery Warranty

In the event that Rubrik is unable to recover protected data during a ransomware attack, Rubrik offers customers up to a $5M ransomware recovery warranty* to cover expenses related to data recovery and restoration.

* Terms and conditions apply. Refer to warranty agreement for more information.

Rubrik Is Recognized as a Leader by Top Analysts


Rubrik was named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions.


Forrester named Rubrik a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Resilience Solution Suites 2022.