Complete Security That Keeps It Simple

Rubrik's cutting-edge Zero Trust Data Security is infused into our very DNA, making us completely immutable by design. But you should never have to compromise simplicity for performance. With Rubrik, you can rest easy knowing that your data is secure while enjoying a user experience that doesn’t take up extra time or effort.


Rubrik's centralized management platform provides a single pane of glass for all your backups so you can oversee everything from a single, convenient location.


By storing data in a proprietary format and verifying it with data integrity checks​, Rubrik prevents unauthorized read, change, encryption, or deletion.


Rubrik's automated scalability and performance recommendations are designed to seamlessly evolve alongside your needs.

Why Organizations Choose Rubrik Over Veritas

We’ve Got Your (And Your Data’s) Back

Know You Can Recover

•Avoid paying ransoms with immutable rapid and guided recoveries from backups that are immutable the moment they are written to our append-only file system. 

•Quickly identify your blast radius and what data was exposed with Ransomware Investigation and Data Classification.

Know What You Are Paying For

•Realistic sizing at initial planning.

•Predictable renewal costs.

•Cloud costs that are easy to understand.

Know You have a Reliable Partner

•High audited customer net promoter score of 84 thanks to proactive and responsive tech support.

•Code quality that delivers reliable backup and recovery.


How Rubrik and Veritas Compare

Fragmented products leave you picking up the pieces. Here’s how Rubrik and Veritas compare.


Complete Security

The Rubrik control plane is SaaS based and is natively resilient and secure with a reduced attack surface.

Control Plane is dependent on the Master/Primary server (single point of failure)

Immutability with Rubrik is the default, making it secure right out of the box.

Immutability in Veritas products is not by design and requires configuration by the end use.


Intuitive and simple-to-use single UI that seamlessly spans both SaaS and on-prem integration points from a single pane of glass.

Multiple admin consoles result in a complicated system and suboptimal performance.

Unified and easy to deploy platform consisting of software, storage, and compute all in one.

Fragmented products with minimal integrations can result in inefficiencies and increased complexity.

Simple upgrades can be implement ted with minimal disruption allowing for consistent and efficient performance with no unnecessary delays.

Disruptive upgrades affect performance and stability, potentially leading to unnecessary downtime.


Automated renewal process keeps things seamless and scalable with no hidden costs.

Complex renewals come with undisclosed costs.

Minimal Operations

Minimal components provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Multiple components result in a complex user experience that hinders optimal performance.

Leverages an API-driven approach to ensure optimal protection with the least amount of additional work for the user.

Reliance on legacy client installation for backups is inefficient and creates an unnecessary burden for the user.

Veritas NetBackup Isn’t a True Solution

Veritas NetBackup renewals come with unexpected expenses and complications. With its security fragmented through its products and use of multiple consoles, Veritas makes you do all the heavy lifting while their minimal reporting capabilities don’t allow you to monitor your security with the confidence you need.

Maximum Cyber Resilience. Maximum Peace of Mind.

From the data center to the cloud, rest assured that your data is safe with Rubrik. Rubrik offers a $10M ransomware recovery warranty* for Rubrik Enterprise Edition and Rubrik Cloud Vault.

* Terms and conditions apply. Refer to warranty agreement for more information.

Ransomware Recovery Warranty

Top analysts continue to recognize Rubrik


Rubrik has been named a Leader and the furthest in vision in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions.


Rubrik named a winner of the coveted Global InfoSec. Awards as Hot Company in data security at RSA Conference 2023.