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Health Data Regulations | Rubrik
Health Data Regulations

EHDS Blows the Whistle: Cyber Resilience is Key to Trust in Health Data

The European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation is the latest in a long row of data protection regulations specific to companies doing business with UK and European Union (EU) citizens, such as GDPR, DPA 2018, NIS, and Data Act. It represents a distinct shift in the way data protection is approached and regulated in the healthcare industry in and outside of the European Union. 

This shift is intended to enable better access and a more secure environment for data sharing—meaning healthcare organisations and the companies doing business with them will have more specific data protection rules to comply with.

Gain expert insights into EHDS and the most pressing health data security regulations impacting healthcare organisations operating in Europe by exploring our bundle of resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Avoid the VAR: Get Crystal Clear Compliance with Rubrik

With Rubrik, you can proactively improve your data security readiness to meet health data regulations.

Rubrik helps make regulatory compliance simple and efficient with a single platform that delivers data management on premises and in the cloud. It enables users to automate data protection policies and expiration while providing full transparency regarding where the data resides and how policy compliance is met across the entire infrastructure. 

Regulatory Compliance | Rubrik
Health Data Protection | Rubrik

Drive Operational Efficiency with Centralised Health Data Protection

Rubrik centralises data security across health care organisations to reduce cyber risk and holistically protect critical health data, delivering optimal health outcomes and driving operational efficiency.

Compliance Requirements | Rubrik

Meet Compliance Requirements and Save Time on Audits

Keep track of sensitive data in a single platform, meet compliance requirements , and reduce time spent keeping that responsibility in check by providing auditors with an automated report that shows what types of sensitive data you have and where it's located, and which users have access to which data.

Cyber Resilience | Rubrik

Maintain Integrity and Security of Health Data with Comprehensive Cyber Resilience

Ensure your mission-critical data in Epic, Epic on Azure, Microsoft 365, and unstructured EHR data is accessible when and where you need it. Recover fast from cyber incidents with data backups that are natively immutable and not susceptible to manual misconfiguration.


Stay in the Game with Built-in Controls for Health Data Compliance

Secure EHR Data with Policy-Driven Protection

Automate backup, replication, and archival of Epic and Cerner EHR, including Caché/IRIS, Clarity, and Caboodle databases. Shorten backup windows with parallel ingestion and an incremental-forever approach with no impact on production systems.

De-Risk and Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Protect EHRs running in the cloud with the same policy-based simplicity and security at scale. Minimise costs without the need for specialised resources.

Protect Unstructured Data

Handle petabytes of patient records, lab tests, PACS imaging, and research data. Balance security and performance to protect and manage NAS data over 10x faster with Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct than with legacy NDMP-based solutions.

Follow Epic EHR Best Practices

Keep data safe with native immutability and a distributed file system to manage data at scale quickly and efficiently—from ingest to restore.

Facilitate Compliance

Discover and classify sensitive data like PII, PHI, and PCI to reduce potential exposure risk. Document where sensitive data resides and who has access. Help manage compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR and NIS.

Keep Patient Care Running

Surgically restore files and objects with visibility into how data has changed during an attack. Contain threats and orchestrate recovery while avoiding malware reinfection.

Case Studies

The world’s leading healthcare organisations trust Rubrik

At Rubrik, we help innovative healthcare organisations better leverage data as a strategic differentiator. The world’s leading healthcare organisations trust Rubrik to protect, automate, and govern their applications at massive scale in one seamless fabric across data centres and clouds. For healthcare providers, medical universities, and prestigious research institutes alike, Rubrik enables breakthrough simplicity, speed, and savings. These are their stories.

Health Data Protection | Rubrik

The Francis Crick Institute Uses Rubrik to Manage Sensitive Data Risk and GDPR Compliance

“Prior to Rubrik, we would have to wade through lots of documents to find the specific data we wanted. Now, we have both the macro and micro view of our sensitive data and can pinpoint a specific location within a file without wasting time sifting through hundreds of documents.” 

Gareth Butler, Senior Infrastructure Architect

Compliance Requirements | Rubrik

Eleos Achieves Faster Performance and Protects Data with Rubrik

“With Rubrik, we’ve seen substantial administrative time savings that our team can now use for more strategic work. This means we can completely protect our data and not have to make concessions in order to emphasise only critical backups.” 

Michiel van Nieuw-Amerongen, ICT Department Coordinator and Network Manager

Cyber Resilience | Rubrik

National Center For Diabetes, Endocrinology and Genetics Saves Time and Defends Against Ransomware with Rubrik

“Meeting our RTOs was not possible before we started using Rubrik. There was always concern that we would not be able to restore systems quickly enough to avoid an impact to our users. Rubrik lets us recover instantly, whereas restores could have taken three hours previously.”

Anas Bataineh, Deputy CIO


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