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EHDS Blows the Whistle: Cyber Resilience is Key to Trust in Health Data

About This Webinar

Constant technological developments, global pandemics, and natural disasters are forcing healthcare organisations worldwide to reshape their entire data management process—all while avoiding falling behind on the ever-evolving regulatory requirements surrounding data security. 

So, how can you navigate this rapidly changing landscape and stay on top of regulations and compliance efforts? 

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Nicolas Groh, EMEA Field CTO at Rubrik, as he shares insights and actionable steps healthcare organisations in EU and UK can take to:

  • Build a cyber resilience plan that can stand the test of time

  • Employ data security technologies that supports patient care, research, and innovation

  • Master data security and compliance efforts specific to Health Data regulations


Nicolas Groh

EMEA Field CTO at Rubrik


Anna Delaney

Director of Productions at Information Security Media Group

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